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BOY BITES SNAKE! Cobra dies after 8-year-old chomps down on it when it coils around his arm

Deepak, 8, is said to have bitten the snake when it coiled around his arm as he was playing in the backyard of his house
UPDATED JAN 16, 2023
(Representational image/Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
(Representational image/Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

CHHATTISGARH, INDIA: A poisonous cobra died after being bitten by an eight-year-old boy in India, local media reported on Friday, November 4. The child, identified as Deepak, is said to have bitten the snake when it coiled around his arm as he was playing in the garden of his house. The incident occurred in Pandrapath village in Chhattisgarh in the district of Jashpur. Jashpur is a tribal district, which is also known as Naglok (abode of serpents) because it has over 200 species of snakes.

Deepak was playing in his backyard when he was bitten by a venomous cobra. Fortunately, the snake never injected its venom into his arm and he escaped alive. "The snake got wrapped around my hand and bit me. I was in great pain. As the reptile didn’t budge when I tried to shake it off, I bit it hard twice. It all happened in a flash," he told The Indian Express.


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His family rushed him to a nearby clinic. "He was quickly administered anti-snake venom and kept under observation for the entire day and discharged," said Dr Jems Minj, block medical officer. It is not uncommon for people to be bitten by cobras in parts of India, but it is much less common for snakes to be bitten by people. "I have never come across such an incident in Jashpur district," said senior journalist, Ramesh Sharma.

"Deepak didn’t show any symptoms and recovered fast owing to the dry bite when the poisonous snake strikes but no venom is released. Such snakebites are painful and may show only local symptoms around the area of bite," explained Qaiser Hussain, a snake expert. Deepak is reported to be fit as a fiddle now.

In a similar incident in Turkey, a courageous two-year-old girl killed a snake with her teeth in retaliation after it sank its fangs into her. The incident took place while the child was playing in the backyard of her home. After the snake bit her on the lip, the enraged child used her teeth to kill the uninvited garden visitor. The infant received first aid from neighbors before being taken by ambulance to a hospital, where she was placed under 24-hour care and monitoring, reported the Sun.