Coachella 2019 saw Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Lizzo among others slaying fashionably with pastels and sparkles

Coachella 2019 saw Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Lizzo among others slaying fashionably with pastels and sparkles
Ariana Grande (Source : Getty Images)

The Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival decided to mix its performance list up with certain unexpected eclectic acts here and there, and so did the fashion statement at the festival this year. A lot of big names attending the first weekend of the festival decided to take things quite far away from the usual feathers, sparkles, and knitted outfits, and pretty much slayed the game; but so did the ones who decided to stick to the tradition.

From Shay Mitchell's oversized belt to Kendall Jenner's printed gloves, James Charles' bare butt, and Ariana Grande's silk boots, buckled tops, and ethereal display of layers - the celebrities painted the whole aura of the festival in shades of pastel and sequins, making it really hard to select the top five from this gorgeous display of artistic talents.

But let's get to that anyway:

Ariana Grande

Li'l Miss Grande made Coachella history by becoming the fourth woman to headline the festival, but she also made history with pretty much everything she wore for her performance.

A purple two-piece with bouffant shoulders by Michael Ngo, a glittery bralette with platform boots, a red sequined bustier with drawstring stilettos, and a flowing evangelic shawl draped over a blouse with steel buckles - Ariana left no stone unturned when it came to leaving her fans in awe and swooning as she owned the stage and slayed the fashion game for Coachella 2019.

James Charles


The reason the beauty guru has earned a spot on the list of top five is purely because of how coordinated his outfit was when it came to the revealing aspect. Effortlessly bold and daring as always, the makeup artist and YouTube sensation flaunted his ample derriere in butt-baring outfits that went from pitch black and glitter to white leather, and finally, a sunshiney and country themed mustard and denim. While his pert bottom got all the acknowledgment it deserves, Charles was as usual on fleek with his make up game, but applauding his fashion sense would be incomplete without mentioning the crystal-studded net stoking he paired up with black gloves and a sheer layered one-piece. 


Katy Perry 

The 'Teenage Dream' singer managed to shock and surprise her fans by popping up on stage in the middle of EDM artist Zedd's set to perform the duo's song '365,' but what also surprised her fans was the outfit she chose to go with. A custom red Area jumpsuit with a cut revealing her midriff, paired with a rhinestoned overlay was enough to get fans buzzing about the 'Roar' queen; she also teamed them with intricately designed massive hoop earrings, that managed to leave a lot of fans confused, but we'll let that slide. 

Nicki Minaj

One of the genre's finest rap goddesses took the stage alongside Grande as the queens righted out some sound issues and twinned in their matching purple silk outfits for their performance of the duo's former hits 'Side to Side,' and 'Bang Bang.' But while Grande hair was in its signature high ponytail style, Minaj let her gorgeous curls down and set the mood blazing with her strong stage presence.



It was the artist's first time performing at Coachella, and despite encountering sound and technical issues, she owned the performance with a black and silver sparkly one piece that went on as an extended trail from the back. She was introduced to stage by Janelle Monae and then went on to prove just why she should be the artist to watch out for in the future. 

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 Coachella 2019 fashion saw Ariana Grande Katy Perry Lizzo James Charles slaying pastels sparkles