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Anderson Cooper compared Courtney Stodden to a 'stripper' on CNN and called their breasts 'pumpkins'

When Stodden, as a teenager, was expelled from a pumpkin patch in 2011, the TV host said: 'She had no other choice but to walk her festive stripper boots right out of there and to show off her pumpkins on the side of the road'
UPDATED MAY 14, 2021
Anderson Cooper reportedly once compared Courtney Stodden to a stripper (Getty Images)
Anderson Cooper reportedly once compared Courtney Stodden to a stripper (Getty Images)

Anderson Cooper had reportedly continuously made fun of Courtney Stodden when they were a teenager. Stodden, who identifies as non-binary and prefers they/them pronouns, was just 16 when they exchanged vows with Doug Hutchison -- a 50-year-old character actor, known for playing disturbing and antagonistic characters.

At the time, Stodden was on the front page of every newspaper and website. However, the 26-year-old retreated from the limelight and had not been in the headlines for some time now. But then, Stodden recently spoke up about the abuse they suffered after their marriage in an interview given to Daily Beast. Stodden’s husband was not the only one responsible for their traumatic past -- reportedly, there was also harassment from celebrities and media personalities.


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One of the media personalities who repeatedly embarrassed Stodden was the 53-year-old Cooper, who once compared them to a stripper on CNN in 2011. This was after Stodden and Hutchison were expelled from a pumpkin patch in the Santa Clarita Valley. The pair got booted out because of Stodden’s racy outfit.

At the time, the “teen bride” said, “The women, the women were coming up to the manager and complaining... because of the kids. There were actually a lot of people there who were enjoying it. They wanted to take pictures with us, and we overheard a Dad say to his little girl, ‘Oh look honey, they have a pumpkin patch girl this year. So a lot of the kids thought that she was [they were] like this pumpkin patch princess. And there was a handful of 'concerned moms' who went to the owners and said ‘get her out,’” before adding their two cents about the mothers, “Their cleavage was hanging out quite a bit.”

TV personalities Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison attend the VH1 "Couples Therapy" With Dr. Jenn Reunion at GMT Studios on August 8, 2014 in Culver City, California (Getty Images)

After their infamous expulsion, Cooper had reportedly invited the ex-couple on ‘The Ridiculist’. On the show, he sarcastically made a point in favor of Stodden and Hutchison, calling it “latest injustice”. The TV host added: “She [they] had no other choice but to walk her [their] festive stripper boots right out of there and to show off her [their] pumpkins on the side of the road.” Later, he went on to impersonate Stodden during their ‘Good Morning America’ interview, where he stated that Stodden “tries to eat her [their] own face”.

Courtney Stodden attends the 4th annual Roger Neal Oscar Viewing Dinner Icon Awards and after party at Hollywood Palladium on February 24, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Daily Beast interview, Stodden also talked about the harassment they endured at the hands of Chrissy Teigen, Joy Behar and Courtney Love. They mentioned, “She [Teigen] wouldn’t just publicly tweet about wanting me to take ‘a dirt nap’ but would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself. Things like, ‘I can’t wait for you to die.’"

They added, "And not only her, but Joy Behar had a field day with calling me a ‘slut.’ Courtney Love told me I was a ‘whore.’ People came out of the woodwork to beat up on a kid because she was [they were] in a situation that she [they] shouldn’t have been in. There were a lot of celebrities acting like playground bullies. Some of the worst treatment I got was from women, and we’re not going to get anywhere if we keep holding each other back.”

Stodden also talked about dark moments when they thought of killing themselves. “There have probably been five times that I’ve felt like I wanted to kill myself—and made the actions to go ahead and do it. So, there’s been a lot of dark moments in my life. There have been a lot of evenings where I’ve felt—and still feel—alone."

They continued, "The way my life has been is so tragic that I just feel empty, and I think a lot of that stems from my father not being around. I think that if my father was around, I wouldn’t feel so helpless in these circumstances, with so many of these Hollywood predators. But he’s not there."

"This might sound corny to some people, but I like to look to my Heavenly Father and get strength that way. You’ve just got to take it day by day,” they added.