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'She's SO disappointed': Outrage as CNN's Alisyn Camerota REFUSES to use Anderson Aldrich's preferred pronouns

'Sooooooooo… you get to pick and choose when to believe the pronouns or what exactly?' a user slammed CNN's Alisyn Camerota
(Dominik Bindl/Getty Images, Colorado Springs Police)
(Dominik Bindl/Getty Images, Colorado Springs Police)

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO: A CNN reporter covering the shootings at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs ignored demands from the suspect's attorneys to refer to Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, as they/them since they are identifying as non-binary. The 56-year-old broadcaster Alisyn Camerota gave the news live on air that Aldrich's legal counsel would refer to their client as "they" and "Mx Aldrich" in upcoming court proceedings and papers. Upon hearing the news, she was essentially rendered speechless.

Camerota disregarded the lawyer's requests and kept using he/him pronouns. The reporter said on Tuesday, November 22, "I don't know what to say about that, I mean, that's what he's now saying," using the male pronoun. She was astonished by the news, as did a group of legal and political commentators, and one of them questioned the legitimacy of Aldrich's gender identification. 


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The case was also discussed by CNN political journalist Errol Lewis, who kept using masculine pronouns. "It sounds like they're trying to prepare a defense against a hate crimes charge," stated CNN political analyst. He added, "That's the least of his problems, legally speaking, but it looks like they're trying to build some kind of sympathy or at least confusion on the question of whether or not this was purely motivated by hate."

The CNN panel's remarks started with Camerota announcing the non-binary pronouns and gender identification update. She said, "So, attorneys for the accused shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, say in new court filings tonight that the suspect now identifies as non-binary." The CNN host continued to refer to Aldrich with male pronouns as she spoke about the alleged shooter. The 56-year-old continued, "I mean, that's not anything that we had heard from his background, you know people have been looking into his background."

Anderson Lee Aldrich would have gone on to become a mass murderer as per their grandparents (Facebook/Club Q Colorado Springs and mugshot Colorado Springs Police Department)
Anderson Lee Aldrich five counts of first-degree murder and five counts of a bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury (Facebook/Club Q Colorado Springs and mugshot Colorado Springs Police Department)

Gunman Aldrich allegedly brought multiple firearms inside the property, including an AR-15-style semiautomatic rifle. Thus far, they've been charged with five counts of first-degree murder and five counts of a bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury, reported TMZ.

Video received more than 1.3 million views

Since being uploaded to the social media platform late on Tuesday night, the video, which news analyst Kevin Tober shared on Twitter, has received more than 1.3 million views. He captioned the clip, "Watch in real time as CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota sees her network's narrative on the Colorado Springs gay night club shooting come crashing down. She was speechless that the shooter identifies as "non binary": "I don't know what to say about that."' The tweet attracted criticism, with some slamming the panelists and anchor for their hypocrisy. A user on tweeted, "She's SO disappointed ." Another user wrote, "I guess that didn’t fit their narrative. Oops!" Another user commented, "So they are questioning the suspect’s assertion that they are non-binary? That seems like something that is not allowed." Another user said, "And then she referred to him as “him.” I thought their whole thing is pronoun usage." Another user wrote, "Wow and she's still misgendering them too." One wrote, "Lol. They aren't believing the shooter's self-described gender? I thought we were supposed to accept it without question." Another said, "So wait, you're saying someone might claim lgbtq status in order to down play their actions in the hopes that they may be held less accountable? No! Who would possibly do something like that?!?!" One user tweeted, "Sooooooooo… you get to pick and choose when to believe the pronouns or what exactly?" Another user said, Are they doubting what Mx identifies as? I thought we weren’t allowed to question they/them." Another said, "Um excuse me? He?! It clearly says they/them and they are ignoring the requested pronouns! Where is the outrage?"











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