CMA Awards 2019: Eric Church takes the night to the next level as fans praise 'best awards show ever'

As one of the best performers of modern country music, Church sweeps the audience off their feet with 'Some of It' and 'Phone Book'.

                            CMA Awards 2019: Eric Church takes the night to the next level as fans praise 'best awards show ever'

Eric Church is often regarded as the best live performer in the world, and he has certainly made an indellible mark on the country music scene across teh globe. And at the 53rd Annual CMA Awards, his performance swept his fans and the audience off their feet. As he broke into 'Some Of It', all eyes were on the crooner and their ears to his deep twang. He also added another popular song, 'Phone Book' to his performance. His fans on Twitter couldn't stop singing praises for the incredibly talented singer/songwriter. As @KSukEDUC tweets, "@ericchurch I am so glad that you are at @CountryMusic #CMAawards2019 singing “Some of It”. It is so honest and so you! Such respect for you, your writing, and your musical, vocal, instrumental talent!" And we couldn't agree more. He is versatile, has an unsurpassed on-stage presence, and his unique voice texture makes him a star performer, not only in America, but also at a global level. 

While we do see many skilled musicians winning hearts with their music, Eric Church packs talent, skill, and persona, all in one. And live performances are perhaps one of the most challenging environments for musicians, even for the seasoned ones. But like @beaver1003 says, "None of it ever comes easy, but @ericchurch sure does make it look easy on stage! #Beaver1003 #CMAAwards #CMAAwards2019 #CountryMusic #CMAs". In simple words, or in the tweets of @981KHAK, "Nobody gets as passionate during a live performance as @ericchurch. Soooo good. #CMAawards2019 #CMAs". 

Overall, the night of CMA 2019 has turned up the excitement a few notches and as fans like @CONSMO683 are saying, "THIS IS OFICIALLY THE BEST #CMAawards I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!! THE NLMUSICAL NUMBERS WERE EXTRAORDINAIRE!! LOVE THE HOSTS #REBA #DOLLY and #CarrieUnderwood. PHENOMENAL SHOW!! #CMA #CMAawards2019". 

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