Who is Albert Boakye? Lyft driver attacked singer Clare Dunn in Nashville, left her in a ditch

Singer Clare Dunn had dropped off a friend at midnight when the Lyft driver refused to go her route, dragged her out on the highway and hit her

                            Who is Albert Boakye? Lyft driver attacked singer Clare Dunn in Nashville, left her in a ditch
Clare Dunn was allegedly attacked by Lyft driver Albert Boakye (Erika Goldring/Getty Images, Metro Nashville PD)

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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: Country singer Clare Dunn was allegedly attacked by Lyft driver Albert Boakye, who assaulted her when she was traveling in Nashville. The incident happened on June 25, 2021, when the Colorado-based musician was in Music City to work on a new album. She booked a Lyft to get to her place around midnight, accompanied by a friend. However, after her friend was dropped off, the driver allegedly drove in an unknown route, before attacking her on the highway. 

Dunn later identified the perpetrator to a detective, but the police are yet to track him down even after two months. The 34-year-old singer has now expressed her concern about the safety of other women given the Lyft driver is still out free. "He's out on the street — is he doing this to someone else? Does he have a wife he's abusing? Does he have a girlfriend he's abusing like this? Because he obviously has no regard right now," she said to People recently. Meanwhile, Lyft has stated that they have fired the driver and they are assisting law enforcement officials with the investigation


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Clare Dunn (Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Who is Albert Boakye?

Dunn's alleged attacker is believed to be 46-year-old Albert Boakye, a resident of Smyrna in Nashville, Tennessee. He was identified by the police after Dunn provided a photo of him from the ride-sharing app. The driver reportedly attacked Dunn during a 10-mile drive from her friend's place to hers. 

Initially, Boakye refused to take the route requested by Dunn, which alarmed her. Soon afterward, the driver took the highway and drove at high speed, before stopping around a mile prior to Dunn's stop. He then dragged her out of the backseat by her collar and slammed her to the ground. He continued assaulting her while she was lying face-down in a ditch. She tried dialing 911 but failed as Boakye was still hitting her. After a while, Dunn managed to scream for help which is when the driver fled the scene. 

She later visited an emergency room from treatment and filed a police report. After Boakye was identified, the police issued an arrest warrant in his name. He was charged for committing the felony of misdemeanor assault.

Not many details are out about the absconding Lyft driver, but a Twitter profile believed to be of him has been found. The profile bio describes him as "cool, calm, and unassuming," and he regularly retweeted posts, news, and videos till May 8, 2021. In his old tweets, he had criticized former president Donald Trump for his poor management of Covid-19 as well as raised awareness about the Black Lives Matter movement. A LinkedIn profile, which is believed to belong to him, lists him as a professional in healthcare management and marketing.