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Who is Claire Miller? Pennsylvania TikToker, 14, kills sister, 19, with cerebral palsy day after going viral

TikTok is now talking about the case of Claire Miller. The 14-year-old is accused of killing her 19-year-old sister at home as their parents slept
Claire Miller is accused of killing her older sister who had cerebral palsy (Manheim Township Police)
Claire Miller is accused of killing her older sister who had cerebral palsy (Manheim Township Police)

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA: Claire Miller,14, has been charged with criminal homicide for stabbing and killing her 19-year-old sister Helen. Claire allegedly stabbed her sister on the early hours of February 22 at their home near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After doing so, she reportedly called 911 confessing to the crime. Claire is being charged as an adult in Pennsylvania. She has been charged with homicide and is being held without bail in Lancaster County Prison. 

There is no motive for the horrific killing as of now, according to the police. A now viral TikTok video apprently shows Claire ranting about her father. Claire’s TikTok posted a video the day before the incident with the caption: “My dad has to stop opening the conversation with ‘this is just like the gay bar in Japan’.” She doesn’t say anything in the video, and people on TikTok have reposted it, alongside other videos from her profile. Another video shows a blood-stained glove in the snow, before panning to a blood-stained stuffed giraffe. It did not take long for the videos to go viral, as Claire's account @spiritsandsuchconsulting racked up many views before being suspended by the social media company. 


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Who is Claire Miller?

The Grade 9 student studied at Lancaster County Day School and lives in Manheim Township. According to Penn Live, her home is owned by an Irrevocable Trust set up in Helen Miller's name by her parents. It was purchased in 2005 for $495,000. 

Court records show that Claire reportedly had "suicidial and homicidal thoughts". That comes from a witness who claims to have talked to Claire over the phone. Claire's sister Helen reportedly has cerebral palsy, and is wheelchair bound. The coroner has confimed her cause of death as "multiple stab wounds".

According to Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office: "Officers and EMS personnel attempted lifesaving measures, but they were unsuccessful. Information obtained so far determined that the incident happened during the overnight hours when the girls’ parents were asleep.  Miller will be arraigned by Magisterial District Judge David Miller. It is expected that Miller will be transported to Lancaster County Prison after arraignment on the charge of Homicide. Anyone charged with homicide in Pennsylvania is not eligible for bail.”

Claire is now facing a murder charge with a sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted. She is currently being represented by Robert Beyer, of Goldberg & Beyer in Lancaster.  

Her deceased sister Helen received educational services through the district. A family directory for the HMS School in Philadelphia, which is intended for children with cerebral palsy, also listed Helen as one of about 40 students.

A TikTok celebrity

Prior to her account being closed, Claire was seen as a celebrity on the platform. Reportedly, several of her videos have over a million views. According to Insider, her page had around 32,000 followers before her account was taken down. Insider was also able to verify that the final video she posted had 4.9 million views. Due to her popularity, she is often visible on TikTok's For You page.

Many of her TikTok videos apparently refer to violent anime and video games, including one from a Japanese video game franchise called Danganronpa in which a group of high school students are coerced into murdering each other. It is unclear as of now if that played a role in the incident. Another video on her account contains screenshots from the Korean comic called Killing Stalking. The comic talks about a young, mentally ill man who was abused and raped by his uncle and in the military. 

TikTok closed the account for violating community guidelines, but did not confirm if it belonged to Claire.