'City on a Hill' Season 3 Episode 3: How Jackie Rohr and Letitia's affair makes for a bad ending?

'City on a Hill' Season 3 Episode 3: How Jackie Rohr and Letitia's affair makes for a bad ending?
Kevin Bacon as Jackie Rohr and Joanne Kelly as Letitia Dryden in 'City On a Hill (Francisco Roman/SHOWTIME)

It wasn't a surprise to see Letitia Dryden (Joane Kelly) and Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) have an affair that's steamy, yet dangerous at the same time. 'City on a Hill' Season 3 establishes that bit of bad news in the season opener and Episode 3 finally sees them get deeper into their affair. In more ways than one, and this one's a no-brainer actually, this sordid relationship isn't going to end well. 

For starters, the Drydens are particularly the criminals in the season, and both have their own sins to atone for. Letitia's the Page 3 while Sinclair (Corbin Bernsen) is the man who has a nasty hobby of drugging women and having sex with them in that stupor. It's a classic criminal case — one that sees Rohr in dangerous waters, but the man seems to have been okay with getting into bed, literally with the wrong folks. Not just will this have repercussions for Jenny (Jill Hennessey) who is not a stranger to his infidelity, but also for Sinclair who just might torture him or Jenny for what he did to his wife.


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Jenny is already dealing with the assault charges on her father, and with her daughter at NYU, her need for a comforting presence will surely be shattered once she realizes that Rohr and Letitia have had their affair. Either that or Sinclair's rage might see her as a victim. Conversely, it could also mean that Letitia is actually in cahoots with her husband all the while, and they need a scapegoat to push off all the deaths and criminal activities on. It's easier to frame a former FBI agent who already has his image tarnished.

'City on a Hill' Season 3 might have different arcs for each of the key characters involved, but that doesn't mean it's all going to stay dismantled. Rohr and Letitia's affair will be out in the open at some stage, and only time will tell if the repercussions are actually serious or beyond what one can imagine.

'City on a Hill' Season 3 airs Sundays at 10 pm ET.

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