Prime's 'Citadel' Episode 1: Priyanka and Richard’s chemistry will keep you hooked to screen

Prime's 'Citadel' Episode 1: Priyanka and Richard’s chemistry will keep you hooked to screen
Stanley Tucci as Bernard Orlick, Richard Madden as Mason Kane in 'Citadel' (Amazon Studios)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Amazon Prime is back with another interesting espionage series, 'Citadel' starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Richard Madden, and Stanley Tucci in the lead. The show's trailer was released on March 1 and came in with blazing guns and delectable action scenes. Let us start with the fact that the show doesn't disappoint. The espionage series is something that has been washed up countless times, and each time something new comes up, it feels like going back in time once again.

Although 'Citadel' starts as a series that has every last spy detail by the book, there is something about Priyanka and Richard's chemistry that makes it hard to turn off your screens. The fighting sequences are dramatic and the onscreen chemistry between the characters is something to note down. You might say that it's just the first episode and we shouldn't be sure of how things take off, but the foundation laid in the first episode just sits well with the genre and the story coming ahead. 


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A roller-coaster ride 

The story that grounds 'Citadel' is quite simple but has many complicated layers to it. You might have to understand how things work in the 'Citadel' universe to get the gist of the scenarios that might ensue. 'Citadel' is about Priyanka and Richard's characters dealing with a crisis of personality and a crisis of conscience after having left behind the world where they knew who they were and entered a parallel universe where nothing seems right and everything feels misplaced. The delicious part for everyone who loves a good spy thriller is the fact that Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden's characters get to experience multiple versions of themselves as they get into a bad derail accident and both the leads go through a certain retrograde amnesia, that makes them forget who they were before the accident took place. The notion of getting their memories erased allows them to create new, powerful characters while learning everything from their past lives.


Who is the enemy?

Episode 1 starts with Priyanka as Nadia Sinh and Richard as Mason Kane, who are traveling in a train in search of someone suspicious who has a bag full of uranium with them. But things take a turn when everyone on the train is involved with the biggest crime syndicate, putting Nadia and Mason's lives in jeopardy. But as they fight for their lives, they realize they're the only ones left in the operation. There are quite a few time jumps in the series, which take the audience directly to a different world eight years later. In that world, the crime syndicate that our leads are fighting against creates drastic circumstances by hiding in the shadows and manipulating the world from under the ground. 'Citadel' is a total eye-grabber and will surely bring itself to change the genre of espionage-themed TV shows. 

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 Prime's 'Citadel' Episode 1: Priyanka and Richard’s chemistry will keep you hooked to screen