'There is no official definition': WOKE Church of England refuses to define the term 'woman'

'There is no official definition': WOKE Church of England refuses to define the term 'woman'
The Church of England's senior Bishop, Rt Rev Robert Innes' comments sparked widespread criticism (Bishop in Europe - Robert Innes’ Blog/Wordpress)

Adam Kendry, a lay member of the Church of England's legislative body and a representative of the Royal Navy, asked, "What is the Church of England's definition of a woman?" The exchange took place after the debate over transgender issues rages on, most recently following the release of conservative commentator Matt Walsh's documentary, "What is a Woman?"

Rt Rev Robert Innes, the Church of England's senior Bishop in Europe since 2014, said in his written response, "There is no official definition, which reflects the fact that until fairly recently definitions of this kind were thought to be self-evident, as reflected in the marriage liturgy", GB news reported. “The Living in Love and Faith (LLF) project however has begun to explore the marriage complexities associated with gender identity and points to the need for additional care and thought to be given in understanding our commonalities and differences as people made in the image of God", he added.


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The comments sparked widespread criticism, with GB News personality Calvin Robinson arguing that offering a definition should not be difficult. "The definition of “woman” is not a complex moral problem. It is a scientific and biblical truth. How can you trust someone who cannot speak the truth about such basic facts?", he wrote.


The recently retired Rev Angela Berners-Wilson, the first woman to be ordained as a priest in England in 1994, responded to Innes' answer by telling The Telegraph, "I'm not totally happy with it. I mean, I do think certain things like men can't have babies, just to say the completely obvious thing." "But I think we need to be very sensitive and maybe we need to reexamine our boundaries," Berners-Wilson added.

Penny Mordaunt, the minister of State for Trade of the United Kingdom also responded to Innes' remark. "I am biologically a woman. If I have a hysterectomy or mastectomy, I am still a woman. And I am legally a woman. Some people born male and who have been through the gender recognition process are also legally female. That DOES NOT mean they are biological women, like me", she wrote.


Innes' remark sparked outrage among people on Twitter. "When the Church of England can't even define what a woman is then perhaps they should turn to the Bible for a clearer definition. Genesis is a good place to start, IMO", a user wrote.


Another wrote, "The Church of England is no longer about religion .... evil has infiltrated churches now". "The church has been evil for centuries, the Church of England has become a bloated institution that uses the good word to further its own political agenda. Religion is just controlled by another name", replied a user.





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A user wrote, "It is becoming increasingly apparent that the Church of England no longer uses the Bible as the definitive foundation for its views." While another wrote, "The word "woman" needs no parentheses or adjectives to explain. It's been understood by humankind since forever. Anyone who thinks otherwise really needs to think about what they are promoting."



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