'Chucky' TV show: Fans take over social media with hilarious memes on killer doll

The new show, based on a popular horror franchise, traces the story of a foul-mouthed killer doll

                            'Chucky' TV show: Fans take over social media with hilarious memes on killer doll
Fans are in awe of how the series has kept the fun element alive despite the presence of a terrifying doll (HalloweenYear-Round/Twitter)

Fans of 'Child's Play' horror movies cannot get enough of the recently released show 'Chucky'. The new Syfy show, based on the popular horror franchise, traces the story of a foul-mouthed killer doll posssessed by the spirit of a dead murderer. Fans are awestruck at how gore and goofiness have been used in the series in equal measure.

The new series is a direct sequel to seven previous movies. To fans' delight, Don Mancini has returned to the franchise as the series’ creator, writer, and showrunner. 'Chucky' follows the story of Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), a queer middle-schooler who lives in the small New Jersey town of Hackensack. This is also the birthplace of the serial killer whose sould possesses Chucky, a creepy red-haired doll.


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Fans are in awe of how Mancini has managed to keep the fun element alive throughout the show, despite the presence of a terrifying doll. From depicting complicated teen romance to raising questions about how trauma affects young minds to the doll's ridiculous and horrifying murders, the show has everything to make sure you do not take a break in between. Viewers are pleasantly surprised at how the show can make you laugh out loud, although the gory doll makes its presence felt every minute. Social media is overwhelmed with the new show recently dropping in. People have taken to Twitter to share funny memes and and videos about the bloodthirsty doll. Here is a look at some hilarious memes shared by social media users on Twitter:











The show possibly worked so well because of the switch from a child protagonist to a young teenager. A teen dramedy, 'Chucky' deals with the difficulties of school, bullies, crushes, and sexuality. Extremely fun to watch, the show provides a backstory that the other films never came up with. 

The first few episodes of 'Chucky' mainly introduces the important characters, which includes Jake’s classmates and Hackensack’s adults. Others in the cast include Jake’s new friend and first crush Devon, his cousin Junior, and Junior's girlfriend Lexi. The show's characters are incredibly compelling, they entertain fans and keep them hooked to their seats. However, the twist comes in when Jake buys Chucky at a yard sale, and the murder-doll makes its entry. Fans are even more excited as Brad Dourif has returned as the voice behind Chucky. Dourif, who is best known as Grimnir Wormtongue in Peter Jackson’s 'Lord of the Rings' movies, has been the voice behind the doll since the very first movie.

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