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'Chucky' TV Series Fan Review: The diabolical doll makes a comeback for Halloween

Chucky makes a comeback as the first of the movie's spin-off series. He's back for good this time, just as gory, evil, and more dreadful
UPDATED OCT 13, 2021
Chucky from 'The Chucky Series' (Syfy)
Chucky from 'The Chucky Series' (Syfy)

Chucky was every kid's worst nightmare, way before Annabelle's time, (the terrifying doll from 'The Conjuring' movie series), and made its very first appearance back in 1988, in the film 'Child's Play'. But no, he is not finished! With Halloween being just around the corner, be on the lookout for a whole lot of new drops in the horror genre. The Chucky doll is very popularly known in the world of horror, and with the spooky time closing in on us, the return of the killer doll shouldn't be a surprise! 

After a Chucky doll shows up at a suburban yard sale, an American town is thrown into chaos by its mysterious arrival. The events that follow soon after are a series of horrifying murders, which begin to expose the town's hypocrisies and dark, untold secrets. On the other hand, the arrival of enemies and allies from Chucky's past threaten him to expose the truth behind all the killings. What's more, Chucky is the demon doll, with untold origins and is a seemingly ordinary child who turned into a filthy monster.


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Are viewers ready to welcome Chucky back? Here's what the mass have to say about the premiere episode. A fan said, "Went from being absolutely petrified of him as a child, now I eagerly await the next episode of his new series. I'm willing to play now. #Chucky #ChuckySeries #Syfy #USANetwork", while another shared, "Me not ready for how great this show was actually gonna be #chucky".

"Chucky was so much fun tonight. It certainly leaves you wanting more! Can't wait. #Chucky @ChuckyIsReal", tweeted a fan while another said, "#chucky trending at # 1 As it should Loved it can’t wait for more". The premiere episode has definitely stirred a buzz with a fans sharing,"@ChuckyIsReal was awesome! Can’t wait till next Tuesday #chucky #chuckyseries" and "#chucky is the event of the year nothing is beating it sorry!"







It really seems like our little guy, Chucky, has made his return with a bang, and this time, for good. Brace yourselves!