Singer Christopher Cross tests positive for coronavirus, fans post 'Sailing' lyrics to wish him swift recovery

Singer Christopher Cross tests positive for coronavirus, fans post 'Sailing' lyrics to wish him swift recovery
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As the cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, celebrities too are not spared from the outbreak. The latest celebrity to test positive for the virus is five-time Grammy winner and musician Christopher Cross. Fans, on the other hand, are using his music as a beacon of hope as they wish him a quick recovery. 

The singer took to Facebook to share the devastating news in a long post confirming his diagnosis, saying, "Dear Friends, I’m sorry to report that I am among the growing number of Americans who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. I’m not in the habit of discussing medical issues on social media, but I do so in hope this will help other people to understand how serious and how contagious this illness is. Although I am fortunate enough to be cared for at home, this is possibly the worst illness I’ve ever had."

"Protect Christopher cross at all costs," tweeted a fan. The 68-year-old singer is best known for his super hit songs of the late '70s, including 'Sailing' and 'Ride Like The Wind'. Last year, the acclaimed singer was part of the Beatles' White Album tour with Todd Rundgren. His last album was 'Take Me As I Am' (2017).


Twitterati took to playing Cross's song 'Sailing' as the news about his COVID-19 diagnosis hit headlines. 

"I'm playing Sailing because I read Christopher Cross got coronavirus. We all should be praying for him. Stay safe and stay at home. Peace! #COVID2019 #COVID19 #ChristopherCross," tweeted a fan.


"My homie Christopher Cross coming up next... 'Sailing' will always be a childhood memory of my uncle Frank....been gone for years, but whenever I hear that song I think of him!! Get well soon Mr. Cross!!," tweeted another.

Having had written and recorded it, Cross released 'Sailing' in 1980 and the song became a huge success even reaching number one in the Billboard Hot 100 chart on August 30, 1980 and remained #1 for seven days. Furthermore, the song, which most consider 'soothing', also went on to win Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Arrangement of the Year, and helped Cross win the Best New Artist award.

"He’s got it  #COVID2019 #SARSCoV2 Love & Light Beams to Christopher Cross & ALL of us Globally Fighting this Monster “Sailing” (Lyrics)HQ via @YouTube," tweeted another supportive fan.


"I just listened to Christopher Cross's "Sailing", Because #coronavirus," tweeted a user.

Fans wished the star the best of luck by posting excerpts from the song. "Hang in there, bud. Dang. You're going to kick it's BUTT! You're going to make it "run" like the wind, and you'll soon be sailing because the canvas can do miracles!!! You'll never be the same, but then, none of us will. @itsMrCross #ChristopherCross #coroNotInOurHouse!," tweeted a fan.


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