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'Christina on the Coast': Christina helps friend Cara and her husband remodel their main bedroom and bath

The real estate investor and designer worked with star contractor, Izzy Battres, to give Cara and Chris's house a much needed pick-me-up
UPDATED AUG 14, 2020
Christina Anstead (HGTV)
Christina Anstead (HGTV)

On the recent episode of 'Christina on the Coast' that aired on Thursday, August 13, Christina Anstead was seen helping out her good friend, Cara, and her husband, Chris, remodel their bathroom and their main bedroom. Aesthetically, the couple's vision for their house didn't match with what she had in mind for the remodeling process and there were unexpected costs that kept cropping up. The onus was now on Christina to take all of it in her stride and renovate the space in a way that she could bring joy to her friend and her family's lives.

Cara's career as a nutritionist depended a lot on the health and wellness videos that she recorded from the confines of her bedroom. She was in dire need of a renovation that would help bring additional natural lighting to her filming space. She could also use a better backdrop for her videos and these were one of the few points that she brought up to Christina as requisites from her end. Chris didn't demand too much from the remodeling initially and was happy if the house exuded the look and style of a modern farmhouse and if Christina could incorporate more natural wood around the house during the remodeling. Later on, the couple and Christina move to the bathroom to see the changes that were required there. Their bathroom was untouched since they moved into the house. No renovations were ever made to that space and it was one of the most ignored areas of the house. The shower lever handle was held together by a screwdriver and that was proof enough that the area could use a pick-me-up and Chris expressed that he was looking forward to an improved shower situation in the bathroom. Cara, on the other hand, listed a bench in the shower as her requirement and joked that she needs it to make her life easier as shaving in the shower was getting difficult in her 30s. 

Christina took all of their requirements into consideration and began work on their house with star contractor Israel "Izzy" Battres. Shortly after he began work in the bathroom, Battres discovered that the couple's house was susceptible to mold as their bathroom wall was wet from the inside as the waterproofing had gone bust. This directly affected the couple's budget that was initially set at $55K and they had to amp it up by another $10K. However, that was one of the only major challenges that were a part of this renovation and the rest of the remodeling progressed smoothly. Izzy and Christina managed to completely jazz up Chris and Cara's house and the new and improved space was worth every penny and every day that the couple had to spend away from their home during the process.

You can catch the re-run of this episode at 12 am ET on Friday, August 14. 'Christina on the Coast' airs Thursday nights at 9 pm ET only on HGTV.