'I can’t even imagine going to set right now': Christina Applegate hints at never returning to acting again

'I can’t even imagine going to set right now': Christina Applegate hints at never returning to acting again
Christina Applegate may never return to acting (Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Christinsa Applegate, who was last seen in the Netflix series ‘Dead to Me’ has no plan of making a comeback to acting anytime soon. The ‘Bad Moms’ star, who was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis two years ago in 2021, said, "I can’t even imagine going to set right now.”

The star, who also shared that it is “frightening” for her to do everyday chores like taking a shower, said about her MS that, “This is a progressive disease. I don’t know if I’m going to get worse.” She then added, "With the disease of MS, it’s never a good day. You just have little sh**ty days."


'You just have s***ty days': Christina Applegate says taking a shower is 'frightening' amid multiple sclerosis battle

Christina Applegate makes heartbreaking SAG Awards announcement amid MS battle

The star, who was diagnosed with MS in August 2021, before the production of the third and final season of ‘Dead to Me’ began, completed filming with much difficulty. In the interview to Vanity Fair, the ‘Hall Pass’ star said, “None of us knew I was going to be sick and gain 40 pounds from medication and have immobility.” talking about her plans of “not going to work on-camera again,” she added about her co-star Linda Cardellini, “I’m probably not going to work on-camera again, but I'm so glad that I went out with someone who is by far the greatest actress I’ve ever worked with in my entire life, if not the greatest human I’ve ever known.”


‘It’s my last awards show as an actor’

Christina Applegate earlier hinted at quitting acting for her health reasons. In February 2023, she attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards with her daughter Sadie Grace. During the same time, she told the Los Angeles Times in an interview, “It’s my last awards show as an actor probably, so it’s kind of a big deal,” before adding,, “Right now, I couldn’t imagine getting up at 5 a.m. and spending 12 to 14 hours on a set.” She said later, “I don’t have that in me at this moment.”

'It takes a lot of energy'

In a similar manner, ‘Kath & Kim’ actress, Selma Blair, 50, who also suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, revealed in the cover story for the May issue of British Vogue Blair also her insecurities regarding her acting career. “I was worried since the beginning of time that a glaring fault would remove me from the workforce. And usually, it was my incoordination or getting stuck, too weak or sick, in my trailer – or any time, really. The vomiting or body issues were terrifying, [and the] baldness or rashes,” said the star. 


Adding that she lived in “terror”, the ‘Legally Blonde’ actress said, “I remember being very, very poorly on Hellboy and was diagnosed with cat scratch fever and possible leukemia in Prague. I couldn’t tell anybody. I couldn’t admit alcoholism or [access] treatment in my insurance for fear I’d be deemed an insurance risk. I fell apart once I got back to LA.” 

While being on  the ‘Dancing With The Stars’, Blair had a stint of “seriously consider returning” to acting. As she told SELF magazine in January, “It takes a lot of energy,” she says. “I want to say, ‘Oh, it’s easy to hire me. I’m not a problem! But here’s my rider of things I’ll need, and they’re not just green M&Ms.’ It’s like, how do we make sure there’s a railing on everything? If there’s a railing, I can find a way to lift that leg correctly. But without it, I’m just lost, balance-wise.”

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 Christina Applegate hints at never returning to acting again