Chrissy Teigen celebrates low-key New Year draped in towel and with a glass of wine: 'Not feeling great'

In the picture she shared on Instagram, the model and social media queen also seemed to be under the weather

                            Chrissy Teigen celebrates low-key New Year draped in towel and with a glass of wine: 'Not feeling great'
Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen is most of us on New Year's and she just proved it. While literally everyone else is out there dressed to the nines, Chrissy decided to have a quiet night at home. 

The model and social media queen shared a snap of her in a towel, chilling inside with a glass of wine, with tissue on her nose and her hair up in a bun. She said, "I am not feeling great".

However, it looks like she was still pretty much in the New Year mood. "...but happy new year yayyyyy" she said. A party crown with a 'Happy New Year' and feathers attached also reinforced that message.

Teigen's fans felt right at home with the unconventional New Year's post. One could totally relate, saying, "I’m right there with you. When did allergy season start in December." Another said, "Same deal. Can’t even get through my bellini!"

Another one said, "Same here! I started coming down with a cold yesterday. I hope we both feel better soon."

Chrissy, her husband John Legend and the kids have been holidaying for the past couple of days and her Instagram has been full of photographs of the family enjoying their super cool-looking vacation. Chrissy and the family have been spending a lot of time by the pool with the model sporting her natural hair and face throughout.

She recently also delivered what was perhaps the final clapback of the year when someone trolled her for a photo of herself and Luna in the pool. The photo was adorable with baby Luna grinning and Chrissy looking at her lovingly.

When one person accused her of photoshopping the pic, saying, "that's a horrible photoshop chrissy", she retorted in true Teigan style, "why would I photoshop my ass to be bumpy and smaller than it already is".

Teigen also posted, "sinus drugs got me f**ked uppppp. 1 hour til countdown but I’m out love u guys!!" and poked fun at her New Year's Eve last year "still better than last new years".

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