'Chrisley Knows Best': Nanny Faye, Chase and Mushy the pig's adventure in the woods doesn't go as planned

Never thought this day would come but the hustler that Nanny Faye is, got caught for a misdoing in the episode

                            'Chrisley Knows Best': Nanny Faye, Chase and Mushy the pig's adventure in the woods doesn't go as planned
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Nanny Faye and her favorite grandson Chase go to the woods with 'Mushy' the pig, in search of the expensive and elusive truffles in the season premiere episode of 'Chrisley Knows Best'. It all started when Todd Chrisley brought up his chef friend at the dinner table talking about 1000s of dollars the latter was investing in truffles. The topic came up as the family was eating pasta with truffles and Nanny Faye was already making a plan to make money. In her own words, she is a hustler, and she exactly knew what she wanted to do next.

The next day she and Chase were at a farm, choosing which pig they should get for the day. Nanny Faye had read somewhere about the abilities of pigs to retrieve truffles. She'd drawn up a deal with Todd's friend saying she'd get him the best truffles, but the adventure in the woods, in hunt of those mushrooms was not going as well as she'd like it to. She'd named her pig Mushy - who was in a mood to eat and sleep. There was a glimpse of hope once when Mushy dug her snout into the ground making Nanna feel that she might be in for the win. However, she was in no mood to be put to work and after playing with mud for some time, Mushy laid flat on the ground and dozed off to sleep. 

No amount of push or pull was enough to get Mushy up and running. Chase had lost his will and motivation to be present there, almost crying of hunger and tiredness. Nanny Faye's adventure had turned out to be a massive failure. She had claimed she knew her way around the woods but they couldn't retreive anything from there. Nanny Faye was not ready to lose face in front of Todd's friends and came up with her own plans to work her way around this sticky situation. 

At the end of the episode, she and Chase were seen with the chef, and the promised truffles were handed over to him. In a matter of seconds, the chef understands that these were preserved and frozen and not fresh. He warned Nanny of consequences for misinformation, saying there are stringent laws against people who try to do so. Things got real, very quickly, and Nanny was about to have a nervous breakdown. Before she could, Todd walked in, revealing this was his and Chase's plan all along to teach her a lesson that she very much needed. Nanny apologized for doing what she'd done, promising to return all the money. Todd joked with his friend if there were unwashed dishes lying in the kitchen, trying to best Nanny. However, she turned the joke on its head, asking Todd to get started on them immediately.

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