'Chrisley Knows Best': What is Chase Chrisley's net worth? Star draws flak for pricing candles at $35 each

Chase Chrisley's move to overprice his candles might hurt his business but he's born rich, he's been rich, and will always be since that he's majorly responsible for driving the hit family show

                            'Chrisley Knows Best': What is Chase Chrisley's net worth? Star draws flak for pricing candles at $35 each
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Chase Chrisley is one of the most endearing yet snarky personalities on television. The 'Chrisley Knows Best' star is known as the favorite of the family, including the uber-cool Nanna Faye and the flashy Chrisley patriarch. It's a no-brainer that his charm has worked well on the audiences as well and he's one of the most loved characters on the show that first aired in 2014 on USA Network.

Don't let the episodes fool you, the Chrisleys deal with a lot of issues of their own, behind the scenes. While Julie and Todd deal with 12 federal charges against them, Savannah has been struggling with endometriosis. Chase on the other hand might have issues that might not appear to be as grave but it sure is. Just recently, he was in the midst of all this hate coming his way on social media after he revealed his new candle collection.

He shared a photograph with his 1.2M fans on Instagram of some of his candles from his website along with a $35 price tag and what followed were comments that called him out for going ahead to price them heavily. So far, Chase has released three candles from this luxury collection, each specifying that it's hand-poured in the USA and weighs 7.5 ounces. The scents incorporated include grapefruit, fig, white tea jasmine, rosemary, eucalyptus, sage, spruce, santal, roses, and lemon. 

"35.00. So this is just crazy. Who but celebrities can afford this," questioned a fan in the comments. "Their Overpriced," wrote another. "Am I missing something? How big are these candles? $35 for 1 at the size it looks in the picture is a little," wrote another. 

Despite a lot of opposition from fans about the overpriced candle collection, there's no harm caused to his bank account. All his candles from the first wave, have sold out adding to his estimated net worth of $500,000. This might be nothing compared to his mother's $3M dollars but it's still a decent amount, much better than his father's net worth that is estimated at a negative $5M.

A fair share of his $500,000 comes from his appearance on 'Chrisley Knows Best'. Chase is an entertainer, he's dominates the screentime during the episodes along with Nanna Faye and Todd. The rest of the family including Julie, Savannah, Chloe, and Grayson too appear on the show but the segments featuring them are just thrown in as fillers, fans of the show might agree. The majority of the show is driven by Nanna, Todd, and Chase and the latter's net worth proves that the job pays handsomely. 

Chase was 17 when he first started appearing on the show and his popularity has grown manifold ever since. He also got a spinoff along with Savannah titled 'Growing Up Chrisley' last year and USA Network aired two seasons of the same, first between April-May and the second aired between August-September.

 Chase's TV appearances go beyond his family show. To date, he's appeared on 'The View', 'WWE Raw', 'Today', 'The Real', 'The Wendy Williams Show', 'Daily Pop', 'Home & Family' and many more, according to Life and Style Magazine. 

'Chrisley Knows Best' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on USA Network. 

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