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'Chrisley Knows Best': Nanna Faye shades Todd for saying he resembles Brad Pitt, fans joke 'America needs this'

Todd's secret behind his sudden youthful glow is the glutathione IV treatment that he gets to look like Brad Pitt and forces Nanna Faye to do so as well
UPDATED NOV 13, 2020
Todd and Nanna Faye (USA Network)
Todd and Nanna Faye (USA Network)

'Chrisley Knows Best' returns tonight with the first family of USA Network returning with fresh new episodes of Season 8 Part 2. Fans have been waiting for the new episodes to premiere for a long time and to keep them engaged, the show's been releasing a couple of fun teasers and bonus scenes on their official Twitter page. Nanna Faye and her son Todd Chrisley's banter has never failed to entertain fans and the bonus scene captures their amusing dynamic to the finest. 

In this particular scene, Todd claims that he's "trying to turn back time" for both himself and his beloved mama. He forces her to stick a glutathione IV up her veins for an "upgrade". Nanna is not ready to indulge his requests but he insists that he's trying to "put the fire back into the furnace" and goes ahead to list the many benefits associated with this procedure, in his opinion.

Earlier this year in August, Todd had uploaded a couple of selfies looking extremely different, sparking speculation was that he'd gone under the knife. He'd denied them, calling it rumors. Looks like he's using this new season as an opportunity to brush off those rumors once again and claim he's au naturel and gets by with just some glutathione, a hit with Hollywood stars including Jenifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Todd also mentioned something to the effect of him resembling Pitt, courtesy of the treatment but Nanna Faye was quick to check him, stating that he's gravely mistaken. Nanna Faye just wants to have pizza with her daughter-in-law and her grandkids but Todd insists the only pizza she will be allowed for the evening is in the IV bag. 

This clip had 'CKB' fans rolling with laughter, most of them insisting that the wait for the new episodes is getting tougher. "I love y the show, can’t wait till Thursday night," wrote a fan. "I just love this family!! This is what American needs," wrote another. "I just love the two of you!" wrote another. "Love this clip I would much rather go for the pizza," tweeted another fan. Catch the scene by clicking on the play button below. 


'Chrisley Knows Best' airs Thursdays at 10 pm ET on USA Network.