Was Chris Watts on Tinder? One night stand says he had 'rape fantasy', ex-male escort claims they were in love

Watts has denied having affairs with both of them and said that they were merely trying to profit from the fact that his name had become increasingly infamous

                            Was Chris Watts on Tinder? One night stand says he had 'rape fantasy', ex-male escort claims they were in love
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Thanks to the Netflix documentary 'American Murder: The Family Next Door', everyone is aware of the motive behind convicted killer Chris Watts murdering his family in order to start a new one with his co-worker named Nichol Kessinger, with whom he had an extra-marital affair. However, according to latest reports, Kessinger was not the only woman on Watts' radar around the time that he decided to kill his wife and children. 

While he was cheating on his wife with Kessinger, Watts was also maintaining a Tinder profile prior to the murders, using which he had a one night stand with a woman named Amanda McMahon, OK! Magazine reported. Watts met McMahon through Tinder and they agreed to meet at a local Chick-fil-A parking lot. After they decided that their relationship would be purely physical, they headed to the woman's house. 

However, the one night stand was not pleasant for McMahon as she later told investigators that Watts became “really fast and aggressive" during their hookup. Despite her reluctance, he tried to “stick it in her butt” at one point during their sexual intercourse and also put his arms around her throat and began to describe what he called a “rape fantasy". McMahon never met Watts again after that. 

But McMahon was not the only one who engaged in sex with Watts. A male escort named Trent Bolte told Inside Edition that he had an affair with Watts in 2018 and it lasted for 10 months. "I performed oral sex on him, he performed oral sex on me, after that there was intercourse and he much panicked and then didn’t say much and left," Bolte stated. However, Watts apparently calmed down and eventually introduced him to his children. “He was very proud of his daughters,” the former escort added.

Nicole Kessinger and Chris Watts (Netflix)

In the following months that they dated, Bolte's romance with McMahon grew to more than mere physical attraction. However, Bolte still had doubts over Watts' sexual orientation. "He said he didn’t know if he was bisexual or gay," he stated. "Chris said that he was in love with me. He said he’d never been so comfortable with someone. He said he could actually be himself." When Bolte asked Watts why he wasn't divorcing his wife, he allegedly voiced concern over not being able to see his daughters.

Shortly before Watts made national headlines for murdering his entire family, Bolte said that he ended his affair with Watts due to his "lies”. Bolte reportedly became ill after he found out that his ex-boyfriend was a murder suspect. “I wish I had never met him,” he told the outlet.

Watts has denied having affairs with McMahon and Bolte, saying that he had never even met these people. He inferred that they were merely trying to profit from the fact that his name had become increasingly infamous and the iffiness of his marital history. “(My attorney) John Walsh had told me about one dude from Wyoming, (Trent),” Watts told reporters. “I’ve never been with a guy. Nichol was the only one.”

Although Watts has confessed to murdering his wife and children, an insider told People that he continues to receive “snail mail” from women who find him attractive. "He got a lot of letters at first," the insider revealed. "Many of them are from women who thought he was handsome and felt compassion for him. He had nothing better to do, so he wrote them back and he started having pen pals. A couple stood out, and they have kept in contact. He gets letters from women who want to connect with him, you know, romantically."

Some of Watts’s pen pals also apparently include trinkets and other items in their letters. One woman included a photo of herself in a bikini, while another mailed a drawing adorned with hearts. A third woman, who was behind bars for federal crimes, cited Watts’s high profile as an “inspiration", claiming she felt a strong “connection” with him. 

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