Britney Spears to appear in court over conservatorship status, fans say, 'Free her, let her make own decisions'

The matter is set for Wednesday, August 19, 2020, court appearance in order to determine the future of the conservatorship and whether it should continue

                            Britney Spears to appear in court over conservatorship status, fans say, 'Free her, let her make own decisions'
Britney Spears (Getty Images)

Britney Spears has been making headlines for her personal life for quite a while now. The singer is once again making news for having been the subject of a California conservatorship since 2008. Britney's father, Jamie Spears, and attorney Andrew M Wallet were initially appointed co-conservators for her in 2008. Wallet has now resigned and Jamie also resigned in 2019 due to health issues. Following this, Britney's care manager, Jodi Montgomery, became her conservator. The matter is set for Wednesday, August 19, 2020, court appearance in order to determine the future of the conservatorship and whether it should continue. Britney will be appearing in the court with her father.

The case last came into the limelight back in April, it again grabbed people's attention after one tweeted, "Britney Spears will have a court case on August 19th which will determine if the unnecessary conservatorship is needed or not. Show your support by tweeting FREE BRITNEY. Let’s hope this will be the start of her getting her simple human rights back." He also said, "(free) Britney has always been keen on basic human rights and has always hinted about wanting freedom."





Pointing towards her dad, he added, "Britney's dad claimed that Britney had dementia.. which allowed him to place her under a conservatorship and control every aspect of her life. yet for some reason, she does crazy stunts on tours? is that really how someone supposedly with dementia should live? FRAUDULENT. FREE HER."



The incident happened after Britney recently posted a couple of pictures on Instagram. Fans found the artiste's post a little odd and showed concern about her mental health. One commented, "we want new pictures and videos..." and "BRITNEY IS NOT SAFE." On Saturday, August 15, Britney shared an Instagram post that read, "Just so you guys know these aren’t old ... check the date at the top of the 2nd pic," after fans suspected that something is going on with her and the pictures that she was posting all this while were all old. Soon, her fans started suspecting the series of pictures. One commented, "She posted a pic with this shirt on August 3rd but the date here says August 6th!" and "It may say August 6th but you got pics on August 3rd posted with the same outfit, same hair, same make up. Ya’ll aren’t fooling anyone. Brit, you are WAY smarter than this. We know you see us. We know you know what we know. I’ll say it again Spears team... WE KNOW you know we know." Another said Britney is locked up somewhere, "These are the same pics since right before 7/22... they have no new content to put out cuz she's locked up somewhere."

As soon as the tweet regarding her conservatorship went viral, people started reacting to it saying, "I’d normally not chime in on a situation I have so little expertise or experience with, but she does actually seem like she’s being financially exploited in the same way poor Stan Lee had been. Her family seems parasitic, not sincerely looking out for her best interests." and "Free Britney!'s time to let this adult be an adult...let her make her own decisions, good or bad, meds or no meds. GO BRITNEY!"





"They can't stop us now..were trending number 1 on US trends__the power of Britney ..FREE BRITNEY," said a Twitter user while sharing a tweet from @BritneyPress, which reads, "According to information released on the Internet, Britney Spears' fortune has already exceeded U$ 770 million, but of that amount, more than U$ 600 million were diverted and injected into one of the companies of one of Hollywood's biggest prostitutes, also known as @LouMTaylor."





While another user said: "I know the people saying Free Britney mean well, but you have to remember why she has a conservatorship thing going on. Some people with certain kinds of health issues need a little more help with things in life. With the right role models/people assisting you can stay safe/well."



Another said, "I truly miss seeing Britney Spears bless the world with her genuine smile. When she's truly happy, her smile radiates from within. FREE BRITNEY." While one explained what Britney is going through saying: "her conservatorship was implemented in 2008 she can’t: • spend her own money • shop • have kids • release music or retire without permission • drive the car • drink alcohol • go out without security she is 38 years old." Another concerned fan said, "Britney Spears has been stuck in conservatorship for 12 years, she has performed 500 shows throughout her conservatorship making over 500M dollars, yet she is deemed incapable to vote, marry, drive a car, have children/custody, or make any decision about her life FREE BRITNEY."







According to the legal website Above the Law, "Conservatorship sometimes referred to as a guardianship, is a remedy used when an individual is unable to provide for her personal and/or financial needs. A conservator of the person ensures that an individual has proper health care, food, clothes, and shelter. A property conservator is appointed when a court determines that an individual cannot manage her financial affairs."

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