Chris Brown's daughter Royalty is stealing our hearts with all that adorableness

Sources close to the singer claim that Royalty has really changed Chris for the better and that he is obsessed with being a good father to her.

                            Chris Brown's daughter Royalty is stealing our hearts with all that adorableness
Singer Chris Brown and his daughter Royalty (Source : Getty Images)

No matter where you stand on Chris Brown, nothing can stop you from cooing over her daughter's new photos that he posted on his Instagram page. The controversial rapper has been featuring photos of Royalty quite heavily in the last couple of days and we are very appreciative of it.

The four-year-old was seen rocking a baby pink dress celebrating Betty Boop on it in one of the more recent photos, and she looked adorable, completing the look with the brightest smile you have seen. The look was accentuated with a pink bow, and his father seems to be smitten with the look, having captioned it, "KIDDO 🙏🏽❤️" 

Chris has gotten back into his daughter's life after a short break during which he was arrested and questioned over shocking rape allegations against him in January, and Hollywood Life has reported how ecstatic he was to be back in Royalty's life. He was indignant about clearing his name in the case because he wanted to be a great role model for his daughter, it was reported. 

“Royalty has really changed Chris for the better and the thought of her not viewing him as a positive role model upsets him,” a source close to him was reported as saying. “Chris is so obsessed with Royalty and being a father. He would do anything for that little girl. He is a great father and being home and spending time with Royalty makes him happiest.”

"Fatherhood has become the best job of his life and it is something he never wants to mess up," another source was quoted as saying. According to them, there is also a huge possibility that Royalty may take after her father and become a singer. 

“If there is anything people say about Chris Brown, one thing is for sure and that is people will say he is a great father,” Hollywood Life quotes another source as saying. “It is important to him for that to be one of his legacies in life.”

Chris has had a very troubled relationship with the law, getting famously in trouble for assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Even though Rhianna has publically acknowledged that she has forgiven him, many of her fans are still unable to do so. However, he still does have a loyal fan following and possibly would be able to change the minds of many critics with his parenting skills, proving that he has evolved as a person.