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Chloe Campbell: Parents of missing Colorado teen worried friends 'know more than they've shared'

Chloe Campbell's parents, David Campbell and Dr Jessica Knape can finally breathe a sigh of relief as their daughter has been found
UPDATED OCT 11, 2022
Chloe Campbell, 14, has been missing for 10 days since Septemeber 30 (Chloe Campbell's family's Google Doc)
Chloe Campbell, 14, has been missing for 10 days since Septemeber 30 (Chloe Campbell's family's Google Doc)

Update: Missing Colorado girl Chloe Campbell, 14, has been found safe, 10 days after she suddenly went missing after a football game on September 30. 

Her parents David Campbell and Dr Jessica Knape had reported her missing that night itself, but police only sought information on the girl around eight days later. Cops believe that the teen ran away and are now looking into what led the teen to land up in another home away from her parents. 


BOULDER, COLORADO: A girl from Colorado Chloe Campbell, 14, went missing and was last seen with two "older sketchy men" at a Boulder High School football game. It was on September 30, when the young girl was spotted at the game. It is reported that Campbell seemed "intoxicated" when someone spotted her on the Boulder Creek Trail later that day. According to her parents, they fear she may have been kept forcefully in another state, and the family is also concerned about delayed action on the police's part. 

Chloe's parents, David Campbell and Dr Jessica Knape have been requesting everyone with any information related to Campbell to please share it with the authorities. A disturbing photo of Chloe was shared with the parents through an anonymous Snapchat account, that claimed it was the picture of their daughter. It seemed like the photograph was shared to assure the family that she was still alive, but appeared "injured and unwell," according to a report by Daily Mail.


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Boulder Police is facing heat for not doing their part and branding the teenager as a "runaway," however, there’s no such incident in the past that supports this theory. After a delay of over weeks, they have now stated Campbell might be "in danger," but still claim the case in question, fails to "meet the criteria for the issuance of an Amber Alert."

In a briefing on Monday, October 10, Chloe’s parents shared that they were "relieved by the fact that police are finally taking this case seriously," as per the report. The authorities action was slammed by John Ramsey, who is the half-brother of murdered JonBenet Ramsey, where through a tweet he called on BPD to "get off their a**" to look for her.


Chloe's family have received numerous tips earlier that she is 600 miles in Arizona, to which her dad, David Campbell reacted, “We want to make clear that we do not have any family in Arizona so this is very suspicious to us,” the report said.

Previously, the family has written about their daughter going missing, “We remain gravely concerned that she may be being trafficked and is not able to voluntarily come home. We have no credible communication from Chloe herself in 10 full days, and we believe there are still friends who know more than they have shared with law enforcement.”

Dr Jessica Knape Romo, along with her mother, and David already have private investigators looking into the whereabouts of the girl. “We are working closely with law enforcement agencies and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to bring Chloe home,” the mother said.

Many of Chloe's friends have received Snapchat messages that have disappeared immediately after opening them. Her parents are concerned that her friends are withholding information from the police for their own safety. Dr Romo stated, “We believe there may be other kids who know where she is or how to reach her, but they are not sharing this information with the family or law enforcement. There is some evidence that they are withholding information out of fear for their own safety.”

A statement from Boulder High School said, “We have been in close contact with the Boulder Police Department, as they have been investigating a missing BVSD student from Boulder High School who failed to come home after last Friday’s Boulder High vs. Fairview football game (on September 30)." "While they have classified the case as a runaway, they are now indicating that the student may be in danger, which is why we are reaching out to share the information with our community,” as per the report.