'Chichipatos': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's new Colombian comedy series

Neflix is releasing its second Colombian original production with this series

                            'Chichipatos': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's new Colombian comedy series
Antonio Sanint (Netflix)

Magic is all fun and entertainment when it doesn’t lead the magician into trouble. Translated as ‘The Unremarkable Juanquini’ in English, the goofy and campy comedy explores the misadventures of a funny and “not so great” magician and how his magic leads to mishaps.

Release date

‘Chichipatos’/ ‘The Unremarkable Juanquini’ will release with all seven episodes together on May 15, 2020, only on Netflix.


The comedy series ‘Chichipatos’ follows the story of magician Juan Morales (Antonio Sanint). He is funny, silly and everything but a magician with skills and his family is embarrassed of him. But then Juan decides to get himself together and pulls off a trick that will change his life, for better or for worse. While hired for a party by a drug cartel, he finds himself in deep trouble when he accidentally makes the gang lord disappear. And now, he has to pay for his silly mistake and get back the most wanted criminal and help the police.


The cast of 'Chichipatos' (IMDb)

The official synopsis of Netflix says: “An inept magician pulls off the trick of his life: accidentally disappearing a wanted criminal during a police raid. Now he's going to pay for that.”



The hilarious comedy features Mariana Gomez, Antonio Sanint and María Cecilia Sánchez in the leading roles.

Antonio Sanint as Juan Morales (Netflix)


Antonio Sanint is a Colombian actor, standup artist and writer, known for television series like ‘Los Atrapasueños’, ‘El paseo’, ‘El inutil’ and ‘Pobres Rico’, among others.

Maria Cecilia Sanchez (IMDb)


María Cecilia Sánchez is a Colombian actress, dancer and host who has also worked in cinematographic projects in Colombia, Spain and other South American countries. She is recognized for her work in ‘Los Canarios’, ‘Carmen G’, ‘Bolivar’ and ‘2091’, among others.

Mariana Gomez is an actress, known for 'The Unremarkable Juanquini' (2020) and 'Mar' (2016)


The comedy series is produced by Caracol Television in association with Netflix Colombia. There is no further information on the showrunner for ‘Chichipatos’ yet. Stay tuned and watch this space as we bring you more updates, news and information on the Colombian comedy series.



Here’s a quick look at the official Spanish trailer of ‘Chichipatos’.


To watch the trailer with English subtitles, click here.


Where to watch

You can catch all seven episodes of ‘Chichipatos’ on Netflix.

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