'Chicago P.D.' Season 7 Episode 3: Vanessa Rojas set to replace Antonio Dawson on intelligence unit

Could Rojas successfully fill the void created by Dawson's departure? And will we learn more about Antonio's decision to not go back to intelligence?

                            'Chicago P.D.' Season 7 Episode 3: Vanessa Rojas set to replace Antonio Dawson on intelligence unit

We were introduced to undercover cop Vanessa Rojas in the previous episode of 'Chicago P.D.' and we saw that she gets along well with Kevin Atwater. Rojas is a recurring role played by Lisseth Chavez and we could expect to see more of her. With Jon Seda having left the show, the Intelligence Unit is down one member and Voight clearly needs to fill that void and we think it could be Rojas.

And it looks like that certainly might be the case based on the promo for the next episode of 'Chicago P.D.' as we see Voight saying, "welcome to intelligence" as Rojas walks into their office. As the voiceover says "surviving the first day isn't guaranteed", the promo shows us that Rojas dives right into the action. But it looks like she might not be doing well as Voight then tells her, "not a good look on your first day." 

We also learn from the synopsis that a botched carjacking turns out to be something much bigger, and so Voight and his team go head-to-head with a "smart drug kingpin" who only works with women. This could work in Rojas's favor - we did meet her as an undercover cop and her cover was not blown until Atwater and she decides to bust each other, not knowing the other was a cop. So, Rojas could shine by playing to her strengths and going undercover.

It was also teased that Antonio Dawson's permanent absence would be explained in the upcoming episode. In the season premiere, we find out that Voight helped Antonio to check into an off-the-books rehab center after the latter's addiction spiraled. Perhaps Antonio has decided that his professional life was partly responsible for his addiction and decides to leave the law enforcement career permanently. And this could be what catalyzes Voight to bring in Rojas to the team without leaving the position open for Antonio's potential return.

There's also the timeline issue to be considered. The fourth episode of 'Chicago Fire', 'Chicago P.D.', and 'Chicago Med' will be part of the annual crossover event, 'One Chicago'. We know 'Chicago Fire' moved forward by three months in the first episode, whereas 'Chicago Med' did it in the second. As of now, it isn't clear where 'Chicago P.D.' is and it could be made clear in the next episode.

'Chicago P.D.' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights.

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