'Chicago PD' Season 7: Darius Walker could be helping the Intelligence Unit now, but what happens when he goes rogue?

'Chicago PD' Season 7: Darius Walker could be helping the Intelligence Unit now, but what happens when he goes rogue?

In the season seven premiere of 'Chicago PD', we found out who Kelton's killer was. The newly-elected mayor was technically the big bad of last season, having been introduced by name only in the beginning.

Over time, we learned that the then-superintendent was quite corrupt and when he butted heads with Voight, he tried to take Voight down by going after Antonio and Ruzek.

The team and viewers were worried when Kelton got elected mayor, but that problem was solved in the season finale when he was killed. 

In the second episode of season seven, we are introduced to Darius Walker, played by Michael Beach. We know that Walker will be a recurring character as announced before the season premiered.

Walker is a Chicago mob boss, but there's a good side to him too — he takes care and gives back to the African-American community. In the second episode, we learn that he does not like it when his dealers sell near schools.

He also has a food bank program that gets leftover food distributed to those who need it. He takes care of those who distribute as well — we see a college student (initially suspected of distributing drugs) take food to an old man and we learn that his college tuition fees and books are paid for by Walker.


Even the Intelligence Unit realizes this as Atwater convinces Voight that Walker is the lesser of evils. Voight then decides to cut a deal with the mob boss in order to take down other high-profile criminals in the city.

The interim superintendent agrees but only on the condition of plausible deniability. 

Jason Beghe as Hank Voight on 'Chicago PD' (NBC)

This could work out very well for Voight and the Intelligence Unit, but it could also go very wrong. Walker seems like the type who would mind being used as a puppet and we know that Voight is a difficult man to get along with.

With Voight as his handler, there's a good chance we will see Walker lose his temper a lot. Sure, he is doing a lot of good for the community but at the end of the day, he is still selling heroin in the city.


One of the ways this could go bad is if news of Voight and Walker's deal is made public somehow. Certainly, the press and the community will erupt in an uproar if they learn that the Chicago Police Department let a major drug distributor go free and help him get rid of his rivals on the street.

This uproar could also see Walker lashing out. Beach, played the villain Pike on The CW's 'The 100' and he could bring layers to this character as well.

What makes this interesting though is the potential friendship that might form between Voight and Walker. Voight lost Olinsky at the beginning of last season, and besides Trudy, that was the only friend he had.

Voight does not have that kind of relationship with anyone else on the team. The two are sort of similar as well because they have questionable ways in which they achieve good things.

This means the two characters would most likely form an understanding that evolves into a friendship. We just have to wait and see. 'Chicago PD' airs on Wednesday nights on NBC.


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