'Chicago PD' Season 7: When will Episode 13 air and why is Kim Burgess putting herself in danger?

'Chicago PD' Season 7: When will Episode 13 air and why is Kim Burgess putting herself in danger?

Fans tuning into NBC this Wednesday night will be disappointed that a new episode of 'Chicago PD' will not air this week. As part of scheduled breaks for their respective current seasons, all three shows of the 'Chicago' franchise have gone on a one-week break and will return in the first week of February.

In this week's episode, we see that Kim Burgess has been assigned desk duty. We had seen this coming since Burgess decided to tell Sergeant Hank Voight — the head of the Intelligence Unit in their precinct — about her pregnancy.

As fans might recall, after the three-hour crossover event between the three shows of the 'Chicago' franchise, Kim Burgess and her former fiancé, Adam Ruzek, ended up spending the night together. A few episodes later, we learned that she became pregnant.

While Burgess and Ruzek decide not to get back into a relationship, they do agree to be involved together in Burgess's pregnancy and the raising of the child. The first person to find out about said pregnancy is Kevin Atwater, who has worked as a partner to both of them.


In the promo for next week's episode, we see Burgess is assigned to answer 911 calls. When she receives a distressing call with a woman saying, "Help me." Before the call is cut, Burgess hears a scream and enlists the Intelligence Unit to track down the girl.

Once the team reaches the girl, they realize that she was caught up in a sex-trafficking ring. The promo for the episode shows Burgess then going out on the field to crack the case and catch the culprits responsible — although Ruzek is sure to get upset about this.

Hopefully, the situation will not get too dire and Burgess (and her unborn child) will come out safe.

'Chicago PD' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights. The next episode will air on February 5.

(Viewer discretion for violence against women)


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