'Chicago PD' Season 7 Episode 12: Darius Walker meets a violent death and Hailey Upton goes down a dark path

'Chicago PD' Season 7 Episode 12: Darius Walker meets a violent death and Hailey Upton goes down a dark path
Michael Beach as Darius Walker (NBC)

Earlier in Season 7 of 'Chicago PD', Detective Hailey Upton's CI was murdered because he walked in on Darius Walker at the police station. Upton suspected Walker to be behind the murder despite him having an alibi since Walker wouldn't want anyone to find out that he is a CI for the cops.

In this week's episode of 'Chicago PD', the intelligence unit is trying to bust a drug dealer with rookie Vanessa Rojas going undercover. However, Upton calls it off at the last minute and tells everyone that the dealer is actually a cop.

When trying to bust this cop, detective Jay Halstead understands that the drugs that were being dealt came from police custody and were meant to be destroyed. He was also pretty sure that another cop might be involved.

On another stakeout, Hank Voight and the others realize that the dealers also work with Darius Walker, Voight's CI. While Voight tries to use Walker on a covert mission, Upton does not trust him.

Voight is forced to reveal to his bosses that Walker is his CI in order to build a case against the dirty cops. Walker is angered but does not do anything, yet.


Tracey Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton (NBC)

Turns out, Upton may have been right. As the intelligence unit shows up at another deal, they walk in on multiple bodies — all the dirty cops shot to death. While Voight, Upton and the others suspect Walker, there is nothing they can do.

Voight talks to the Interim Superintendent Jason Crawford and tells Upton that Crawford has decided to nullify all the cases, term the dead dirty cops as heroes and to release Walker as a CI. Upton is understandably enraged and tells Voight that Walker is the only winner in this situation.

Later, Upton tells some of Walker's boys that Walker himself was responsible for their friends' deaths at the hand of cops. Halstead calls her out, but later, Voight is called to a crime scene. Walker is dead and his body is brutally displayed with an 8-ball in his mouth and a rat's body hanging over his head.


When Voight talks to Upton about it, she tells him that someone misunderstood her statement. She has no remorse as she tells him that she "learned from the best". Voight tells her that her actions will "eat her alive" and tells her he is worried about the path she is going on.

Upton's character arc is strangely reminiscent of Sophia Bush's Erin Lindsay, who was affected by Nadia's death earlier in the show and went down a dark path. Hopefully, Upton is able to reign herself in and exercises her partner, Halstead's self-critical nature to understand that what she did is ultimately wrong.

'Chicago PD' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights.


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