'Chicago P.D.' Season 7 Episode 8 will see Kim Burgess receive a diagnosis that could change her life

'Chicago P.D.' Season 7 Episode 8 will see Kim Burgess receive a diagnosis that could change her life

There are only two episodes to go in this season of 'Chicago P.D.' before the procedural drama goes on its winter break. The next episode is a big one for one of its main and original characters, Detective Kim Burgess, who will be forced to reckon with a decision nearly every woman faces.

In this Wednesday's episode, after injuring herself while in pursuit of a suspect, Burgess goes to the hospital to get stitches. A simple routine blood test reveals that Burgess is around four weeks pregnant. Fans would recall that at the end of the crossover episodes, Burgess and Adam Ruzek decided to spend the night together after the harrowing ordeal. While the incident was not mentioned again, it seems likely that Ruzek is the father of Burgess's baby.

However, it won't be a clean-cut happily-ever-after for the couple as Burgess will be struggling to make the right decision. It has not been that long since she joined the Intelligence Unit, and she hasn't given her Detective exam yet -- which is most certainly on her list of goals. However, in the promo, Burgess also tells Ruzek that she does not want to "miss the opportunity of being a mom". What does it mean for the long-term favorite of the fans? Will Burgess decide to keep the baby or put her career first?

Meanwhile, during this pursuit, the team also comes across the body of a woman. The homicide case then turns into a missing persons case with a sinister twist and the Unit has to work against time to solve it. 

Finally, Voight has to decide between justice and the letter of the law. Whether this has to deal with the current case or with something that happened before, we will know when the episode airs. Voight almost always chooses to follow his personal code, but this time might be an exception.

'Chicago P.D.' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights.


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