'Chicago P.D.' Season 7 Episode 8: Fans are excited for a #Burzek baby, but are Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek up for it?

'Chicago P.D.' Season 7 Episode 8: Fans are excited for a #Burzek baby, but are Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek up for it?

Police officers, Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess first got together in the first season of 'Chicago P.D.' and even got engaged eventually. However, much to the disappointment of "Burzek" fans everywhere, the two broke off their engagement in the third season of the show.

Four seasons later, fans got a glimmer of hope as the two characters chose to spend the night together after the crossover event that aired mid-October. But it turns out, that night was not without its consequences.

In this week's episode of 'Chicago P.D.', it was revealed that Kim Burgess is pregnant when she goes to get stitches for a cut she retained while chasing a suspect. Burgess is clearly blindsided by the news and the episode sees her dealing with it.

She soon tells Ruzek -- who is the father -- who reacts much like how one would normally expect men to react. Though by the end of the episode Ruzek says that he cares for her, although Burgess has not yet made a decision on whether to keep the baby (she does want kids) or not (she does not want to risk her career).


It's understandable why Burgess is hesitant. Her line of work is dangerous and she worked really hard to become part of the acclaimed Intelligence Unit -- unlike Ruzek who was picked right out of the academy.

Kim Burgess is faced with a tough decision on 'Chicago P.D.' (NBC)


Though the two have a relationship adored by fans, it leaves us to question whether they should move forward with such a big step when they have not figured everything out between themselves yet. Or perhaps, this big step might, in fact, be what they needed.

Nonetheless, fans are excited about a potential "Burzek" baby and what that might mean for the characters' relationship.

One fan tweeted, "BURZEK BABY....OMG, I am having so many emotions right now. Can we talk about how far these two have come since the first season of this show?!? I love Paddy and Marina's chemistry so much and they still have IT. Loved this ep tonight! #ChicagoPD #Burzek [sic]."


However, fans are hoping the baby will finally cause Adam Ruzek to change from the brash cop that he is to become a more responsible person. A viewer tweeted, "Let's see if this baby will finally make Adam man up. If he loves Kim, great, be there for her and the baby as a husband. If he doesn't, then be there for her and the baby as a father. Just commit to something for once. #ChicagoPD #Burzek [sic]."

'Chicago P.D.' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights. The midseason finale of Season 7 of 'Chicago P.D.' will air next Wednesday, on November 20th.


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