When will 'Chicago Med' Season 6 Episode 8 air? Here's what to expect from Will and Ethan when show returns

When will 'Chicago Med' Season 6 Episode 8 air? Here's what to expect from Will and Ethan when show returns
Nick Gehlfuss in 'Chicago Med' (NBC)

This week brought us a new episode of 'Chicago Med' and things are getting dark. The new season has hit the midway mark and we believe there are going to be some big changes coming to 'Chicago Med' when the medical drama returns.

Read on to know when the show will be back and what we can expect when it does.


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What happened previously?

So far, the sixth season of 'Chicago Med' has been filled with ups and downs. From what we can tell, we have probably just hit the midway mark in the season and things are getting more heated up. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) is now the chief of the Emergency Department (ED), but while he is striving for perfection, he is harming not just his relationship with the others in the hospital, but also himself. 


In the most recent episode, we see Ethan get physically sick, while his tensions with Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) continue. At this point, fans would certainly favor Will, given that Ethan is being more intrusive, but it also seems like Ethan is tired of being confrontational. In this week's episode, everyone is noticing that Ethan is a bit off-color and things take a turn for the worse when he collapses in the middle of the ED. We learn that he came back to work in the ED just hours after his gall bladder surgery, without giving himself time to recover.


However, Ethan needs to start trusting Will as a doctor in his ED, otherwise, we predict a bad outcome — perhaps related to Will's request to Sabeena Virani (Tehmina Sunny) to go ahead with seeing if there's an opening for him at the pharmaceutical company for which he is conducting the clinical trial.

Meanwhile, Will's clinical trial has taken a turn for the worse, with one of his patients coming in with disturbing symptoms. Sabeena wonders if the patient is experiencing adverse reactions to the trial medication, but Will believes it isn't given that no other patient has had similar symptoms. From what we see, Will is still his same old impulsive self, willing to go above and beyond, blurring the lines, even it is for his patients, Will's tendency to bend the rules is concerning.


While things could be heating up between Will and Sabeena, his former better half, Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) is moving on quite well with Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains), who is opening up a lot more about his past trauma with Natalie. They are also working on more cases together, and things are going pretty well so far. So we cannot help but wonder whether something may go wrong imminently.


When will Episode 8 air?

The return date for 'Chicago Med' Season 6 Episode 8 is not clear yet, but keep watching this space for updates.

What to expect from Episode 8?

So far, NBC has not released an official synopsis for the next episode of 'Chicago Med', so we do not have an exact picture of what to expect in the coming episodes. But a slew of possibilities is there.

Will's propensity to take the wrong decisions for the "right reasons", is going to hurt him sooner than he thinks, if Sabeena does find out about Will unblinding the sick trial patient on the sly, it's going to spell trouble for him, so we know for sure that it will happen.


Meanwhile, the hospital's confidence in Ethan is bound to reduce. If their Chief of ED cannot take care of himself, then how will he, in the long run, manage the ED as well? This is why he has been placed on forced sick leave and perhaps some downtime as well as Daniel Charles' (Oliver Platt) words of counseling will help him.

We are also curious about Ethan's brief interaction with Sabeena when she went to check on him while he is recovering. Whether it signals a potential relationship remains to be seen, but hey, romances have been born of less than this on 'Chicago Med' before.


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