'Chicago Med' Season 5 Fall Finale: Will Natalie and Will get back together? Find out when the show returns after the winter break

Natalie's memories came back, but it seems like it might not be enough for Will, who has moved on. Find out when the show returns for new episodes.

                            'Chicago Med' Season 5 Fall Finale: Will Natalie and Will get back together? Find out when the show returns after the winter break

The 'Chicago Med' Season 5 fall finale was what "Manstead fans have been waiting for and possibly even dreaded. Right as the episode starts, Natalie starts to get visions -- her memories are returning and through the episode, she is left confused.

This return of memories is exacerbated by Natalie's patient this week -- Sophie, Phillip's daughter. Sophie has been dropped off by Phillip for surgery, however, he is missing. In turn, Phillip's sister, Sheryl, and brother-in-law have come, and in Phillip's absence, they hope to adopt Sophie.

However, it turns out Phillip is more messed up than the fake engagement made him out to be. His brother-in-law tells Natalie that Phillip is a pathological liar and that he only took care of Sophie so well because he was getting something out of it -- Natalie. Phillip has put a DNR on Sophie -- that is, if Sophie is in trouble during surgery, the doctors don't have the consent to resuscitate her.

But Dr. Isidore Latham operates on Sophie as Natalie looked on, and there couldn't be a better doctor Natalie could trust for Sophie's life. Thankfully, Sophie's health issues are resolved. 

And now, Natalie's memories come back and she realizes that she has been unfair to Will this whole time. Earlier, as Will wheeled in his patient for surgery, he came across Natalie and medical student, Elsa Curry, who is assisting Natalie this week. Will smiles at them making it an awkward moment. If fans recall, Elsa had tried to ask Will out last week.

Natalie tells Will she remembers that night and to apologize for how she had been treating him. He tells her it doesn't matter, and she tells him that she loves him. But Will has moved on, and he thinks moving on has been good for him, and tells Natalie they aren't good for one another.

How will Natalie and Will be after this? Could they hope to go back to being friends? Could Manstead hope for a reconciliation?

Fans can find out when 'Chicago Med' will return to NBC for more episodes on January 8th, 2020. 

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