'Chicago Med' Season 5 Episode 3: Viewers have had enough of ups and downs between Will and Natalie

Will is still suspicious of Phillip and is sure that Natalie's memories need to come out for the truth. But does he have a reason to be so antagonistic to Natalie?

                            'Chicago Med' Season 5 Episode 3: Viewers have had enough of ups and downs between Will and Natalie

Like many viewers of 'Chicago Med', we would have liked the "Manstead" relationship to be canon, only if Will Halstead was not so annoying. Each time it looks like Will deserves a chance, he goes and does something ridiculous. Like in this week's episode, when Natalie Manning misspoke the name of a medicine, he was unusually hard on her. He kept asking her if her head trauma was still affecting her, but it is clear he wants to make it seem like Natalie isn't thinking clearly. For Will, he can't accept that she is engaged to Phillip and that Phillip walks around the hospital with Owen and his daughter, waiting for "mommy." While it's true that the engagement is fake and Natalie does not know about it, Will has no right to let his suspicions out on Natalie and her career.

By now, viewers feel the same way - that the writers are dragging the two characters' storylines for no reason - and they dread that it will continue on till the mid-season finale. Natalie's memories need to come back or they need to think of some other way to get rid of Phillip. Many viewers think that Will is just being jealous and needs to let Natalie go - after all, there's no way he has a valid reason to be suspicious of the engagement unless Marcel told him, and if he did, Will would have said that to Natalie already. One viewer wrote, "This Will and Natalie storyline is becoming depressing and sickening at this point the writers need to either put them together or break them up. It's cringe at the moment."

Phillip (Ian Harding) on 'Chicago Med' (NBC)

Viewers are also over the character of Phillip. Many are wary that Natalie - a smart doctor who is quick to suspect Will whenever she thinks there's something he is hiding - does not recognize Phillip's manipulations and even lets him near her son, Owen. Knowing what Phillip is capable of, some viewers are in support of Will, with one saying that, "Will is being so loving towards Natalie and I know he hurt her but he's trying and I want her to see that." One fan defended Will, tweeting, "I think you all forget how great Natalie and Will can be together especially how much they truly love each other. They are so endgame and the writers need to stop playing with our emotions."

Of course, viewers are also speculating how Phillip will go away. One fan had a convoluted theory where Phillip kidnaps Natalie's son, Owen when she realizes what Phillip did. Considering what happened with Ava Bekker in the season premiere, this does not seem too far off.

'Chicago Med' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights.

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