'Chicago Med' Season 5 Episode 17: April and Ethan may be over but fans are conflicted over the relationship

'Chicago Med' Season 5 Episode 17: April and Ethan may be over but fans are conflicted over the relationship

Spoilers for 'Chicago Med' Season 5 Episode 17 'The Ghosts of The Past'

This week, 'Chicago Med' celebrated its 100th episode and though it saw a happy ending for one of the nurses, Maggie Lockwood, who got married at a bowling alley by the end of the episode, another fell ill and may have ended her relationship by telling the truth.

That nurse is April Sexton, who has been doubling up her hormone treatments so she could get pregnant with Dr Ethan Choi's baby. Ethan wants a baby badly and April wants to make up for kissing Dr Crockett Marcel.

Ethan was understandably upset and even came to blows with Crocket after leaving a crying April at her hospital bed once she confessed that she kissed Crockett when Ethan left for deployment.

Fans are feeling conflicted about the developments. While many want Ethan and April to have a happy ending, some feel it's best if they move on. One fan tweeted, "This drives me insane. It was only a kiss, but April held on to this secret for MONTHS (and a lot of longing looks at Crockett). I don’t blame Dr. Choi for assuming it was an affair. Honestly, Ethan deserves better."

Another wrote, "Like legit, the way Ethan untangled his hands from April broke my heart. Trying to make a baby with him cause you’re tryna make up for cheating. Being used as a means to an end instead of a partner whom someone loves & wants to build with. #ChicagoMed."

One viewer opined, "Ethan is stressed but still working... I’d be out. I’ve been cheated on & that shit hurts, it clouds up your head, you can’t think straight. I feel for him cause he had Marcel & April lying to his face. #ChicagoMed."

Fans think the show is unnecessarily playing up the drama. One viewer tweeted, "I really hate #ChicagoMed for that BS. Who the hell builds up that much mental pressure on themselves over a kiss? GTFOH," while another wrote, "This is some dumb soap opera foolishness #chicagomed."

One viewer tweeted, "Love #Chexton but I do not like how the writers are handling this relationship. Though it sucks you can tell that April likes that new doctor. (He’s so irrelevant I don’t know his name). And then there was no need for Choi to have reacted like that over a kiss #ChicagoMed."

Some fans hope April and Ethan resolve their issues, with one writing, "I need #Chexton to work this foolishness out, get married, and have babies. Dr Marcel is just a bump on the road. Not even a bump, a blip. Let that s**t go. #ChicagoMed."

'Chicago Med' airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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