When will 'Chicago Fire' Season 9 Episode 12 air? Here's what to expect when the show returns after hiatus

The show will be taking a brief hiatus after airing Episode 11 tonight and won't be returning for a new episode until April 21

                            When will 'Chicago Fire' Season 9 Episode 12 air? Here's what to expect when the show returns after hiatus
Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett in 'Chicago Fire' (NBC)

‘Chicago Fire’ is undoubtedly one of the best shows out there and always keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats. Season 9 telecasted its tenth episode recently and just as things were started to get really intense, the show has decided to take a break. Yes, you heard it right. The NBC show is going on a hiatus for one week and will be returning with a new episode on April 21.

Casey (Jesse Spencer) is struggling because of the stinging head injury he endured a couple of weeks back. If you're a fan of the series, you are most likely wondering if Casey will be okay? Well, let's just say, for now, it doesn't look like it, and fans are clearly not happy.


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Will Casey finally take a break to see a doctor? Unfortunately, the wait for finding that out will be longer than usual. Read on to find out when the next episode airs and what happens in it.

Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey (NBC)


When will ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 9 Episode 12 air?

Before we go any further, though, we got to be the bearer of some bad news for everyone out there. Viewers will now have to wait two weeks for the next episode to arrive on NBC. According to TV Listings, the show won’t be returning for a new episode until Wednesday, April 21. Fortunately for fans, their wait for a new episode will be met with older ones from this ongoing season 9.

Airing next Wednesday on April 14 will be Season 9’s Episode 6 ‘Blow This up Somehow’ where “Gallo (Alberto Rosende) makes a split-second decision during a dangerous fire rescue leaving Casey steaming that his direct orders were not obeyed. Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) feels a strain in her relationship with Severide (Taylor Kinney). Brett (Kara Killmer) and Mackey (Adriyan Rae) find themselves searching for answers following a series of suspicious calls.”

Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo in 'Chicago Fire' (NBC)


‘Chicago Fire’ Season 9 Episode 11 Spoilers

Tonight’s episode, titled 'A Couple Hundred Degrees', will feature a new recruit and fans are really excited to see how the new addition will shake up the Firehouse as we inch a bit closer to the finale. On the other hand, Violet and Brett are on the hunt to find a person who has sent them a mysterious note regarding an accident that recently took place. The note reads, “That fall wasn’t an accident.”

A still from 'Chicago Fire' (NBC/YouTube)


The mysterious note will see both characters going to extreme lengths for seeking the truth behind the unfortunate accident. However, it should be noted that the ongoing season is fairly short, and things might pace up differently than they have been in the previous seasons.

The official synopsis for Episode 11 reads, “A new recruit with ties to the CFD tests Serveride’s patience. Violet receives a mysterious note that sends her and Brett on a hunt for the person who wrote it.”

Fans would surely be intrigued to see what happens when the show returns after a brief hiatus.

The ninth season of NBC drama starring Jesse Spencer, Kara Kilmer, Christian Stolte, and Taylor Kinney in pivotal roles kicked off on November 11, 2020.

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