'Chicago Fire' Season 8 Episode 18: Sylvie Brett is left heartbroken with loss and fans don't think it's fair

'Chicago Fire' Season 8 Episode 18: Sylvie Brett is left heartbroken with loss and fans don't think it's fair

Spoilers for 'Chicago Fire' Season 8 Episode 18 'I'll Cover You'

While most people are hunkering down to practice social distancing amid the growing coronavirus outbreak, many are tuning in to the TV for distraction and to forget about what's happening in the world. This week's episode of 'Chicago Fire' may have succeeded in doing that, albeit in the wrong way.

In the episode, just as paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) became certain of wanting to spend more time with her birth mother Julie, and her yet-to-be-born younger half-sibling, the writers cruelly ripped Julie away, leaving Brett an older sister to a girl who would grow up without knowing her mother just like her.

To recall, earlier this season, Sylvie was contacted by her birth mother, asking for a meetup. It took a couple of episodes for Sylvie to make the decision to meet her, but after she did, she and Julie have been meeting in nearly every episode, learning more about each other.

Throughout all this, Captain Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) has been beside Sylvie, and he was in this episode as well, as Sylvie received the devastating news about her mother, who died during childbirth. 

Though the situation is dire, Sylvie's younger sister is safe and healthy and the episode ends with Sylvie holding her newborn sister and crying for the loss of their mother. Fans were understandably upset as Julie was growing on viewers. 

One fan tweeted, "This one hurts. She just came back into Sylvie's life and now gone. In real life: As a mother, I tell people all the time when a pregnant woman goes in and comes back alive...give thanks because a lot don't get to see their babies. #ChicagoFire #OneChicago."

Another wrote, "Wow they killed Brett's mom off! Wowwwww... kinda speechless. #chicagofire," while a viewer observed, "Sylvie grew up without her birth mom and now her sister is too! This is so not fair!! #ChicagoFire." One viewer tweeted, "Not. Enough. Tissues. And, it has nothing to do w hoarding. #ChicagoFire."

Fans wondered why the show killed Julie so soon after Sylvie met her. One fan wrote, "Why bring her mom back only to kill her off like this? Sylvie was so happy and looking forward to being a family, you took that from her. Julie shouldn't have been killed off. Poor Sylvie and her baby sister. #ChicagoFire."

Another tweeted, "Man why did yall to that to Sylvie. She didn't deserve this and now I'm gonna go cry. She finally meets her birth mother and yall Took her away from her. You guys are so mean. At least she was able to hold the baby. I hope the baby's dad lets Sylvie see her. #ChicagoFire."

That's the hope on all viewers' minds now — that Sylvie gets to be a part of her younger sister's life. 'Chicago Fire' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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