'Chicago Fire' Season 8 Episode 17: Herrmann setting the firehouse ablaze is the comic relief fans needed

Herrmann just wanted more respect but in a hilarious turn of events, he ends up causing a fire and is sent to remedial fire safety training

                            'Chicago Fire' Season 8 Episode 17: Herrmann setting the firehouse ablaze is the comic relief fans needed

Spoilers for 'Chicago Fire' Season 8 Episode 17 'Protect A Child'

This week's episode of 'Chicago Fire' sees Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann campaign for more respect among his fellow firefighters. In fact, that "Lieutenant" tag is quite important as Herrmann sets to ask for an officer's quarter of his own.

His main complaint to Chief Wallace Boden is that both Captain Matthew Casey and Lieutenant Kelly Severide have their own quarters, but he doesn't. When Boden dismisses his request stating that Firehouse 51 has just two officers' quarters, Herrmann sets about creating his own.

In a nook between Severide's and Casey's quarters, Herrmann creates his own, complete with plastic curtains in lieu of doors, furniture and even a little lamp. That lamp, however, ends up being a cause for trouble for Herrmann. 

After he returns from a warehouse rescue — where his idea and actions help save a life — he sees the firehouse surrounded by fire engines. The cause of the fire? Herrmann's little lamp near the plastic curtains he put up. So, Boden tells Herrmann he has to report for remedial fire safety training.

Fans couldn't help but laugh at Herrmann's predicament. Right from him setting up his own little quarter to this unfortunate end, this is a comic relief that was much needed at a time when the world is reeling under a pandemic. A fan tweeted, "Damn you @derekhaas, forget coronavirus, I'll die of laughter from this subplot with Herrmann if anything."

One fan wrote, "How are you a firefighter and you cause a fire in the firehouse Lol Herrmann now he gotta go to training. I know he just wanted his own office but no. #ChicagoFire."

Another tweeted, "Christopher Herrmann is a CFD lieutenant and he still plugged a lamp next to a plastic curtain. A mess. Lol. #ChicagoFire." One viewer wrote, "#ChicagoFire Herrmann really likes to get into trouble this season."

Some fans saw the disaster coming, with one writing, "I knew as soon as Hermann brought that lamp in it was going to go horribly wrong. Poor Hermann! #ChicagoFire."

Fans especially loved the scene where Herrmann called in candidate Darren Ritter to have a "confidential" conversation behind his curtains. One fan tweeted, "Okay, that scene with Ritter and Herrmann in Herrmann’s imaginary-office/play-tent just jumped immediately into my Top 5 Favorite #ChicagoFire scenes of all time."

'Chicago Fire' airs on NBC on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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