'Chicago Fire': 3 characters who can replace Jesse Spencer's Matthew Casey

The most recent episode saw Jesse Spencer's Captain Casey possibly bidding adieu, and if so, there are potential replacements

                            'Chicago Fire': 3 characters who can replace Jesse Spencer's Matthew Casey
Replacing Jesse Spence (M) on 'Chicago Fire' is a challenge (NBC)

Jesse Spencer's much-speculated departure from NBC's hit firefighter drama, 'Chicago Fire' set social media ablaze within a month of the start of Season 10. On 'Chicago Fire', Spencer stars as Captain Matthew Casey, who leads the Truck Company and is unwavering in his commitment to the work he's absolutely brilliant at.

To quickly recap, Ben and Griffin, sons of Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) late best friend, Andy Darden, are in desperate need of help. Griffin has been trying to take care of his brother and the family home while their mother is in prison, but it isn't smooth sailing. Casey flies to Oregon and stays with the brothers for a few days so he can look after them.

When he speaks to the guidance counselor, he learns the boys are in danger of being placed in foster care, and worse, in separate homes. Casey wants to take the boys back to Chicago, but the guidance counselor thinks it’s a bad idea to uproot them. Once Casey returns to Chicago, he tells Herrmann about his trip. He then says he needs to move to Oregon so he can take care of the boys. Casey hasn’t made his decision yet, but all hints suggest he might be leaving 51.


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3 characters who can potentially take Casey's place

This leads to the question of who will take his place in 51. In theory, we have two options along with Casey himself since there is no confirmation whether he's actually leaving the show. To get the easiest option out first, let's hope the Captain stays back. That's a sigh of relief for Casey-stans. If not we have two possible candidates who can take his place —

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo)

Kidd has been phenomenal in the series. She's dependable, and there is also that development of her passing the lieutenant exam. Plus the earlier episodes suggested she would have to move away from 51. However, if Casey does leave, then that leaves a spot open and Kidd becomes one of the easy and all-important choices to fill in Casey's shoes. Interesting move if they decide to pull it off.

Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd in 'Chicago Fire' (NBC)


Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende)

Next up, we have Gallo who, according to Cinemablend, was dubbed as "a junior Casey" by showrunner Derek Haas much before his debut in Season 8. So that could be an option as well. What remains to be seen though is how they develop the character because for all that Gallo is, he's not Casey and that might just be a bit of a challenge.

Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo in 'Chicago Fire' (NBC)


Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer)

There is no official confirmation of his departure from the show meaning there's nothing to worry about! For now.

'Chicago Fire' Season 10 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC

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