Cher "thrilled to death" about playing Meryl Streep's mother in 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again'

The music icon is just three years older to her on-screen daughter in real life, but it doesn't bother her, even though she had admitted earlier that she "didn't have much choice!"

                            Cher "thrilled to death" about playing Meryl Streep's mother in 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again'

All's good in the "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" hood again as Cher has dropped some severe truth bombs regarding her playing the role of Meryl Streep's mother in the much awaited for sequel to the original musical, "Mamma Mia!" In an interesting turn of events, however, Cher - who had previously spoken about how she had "no choice" in being cast in the role of Streep's mother, has now revealed that she is happy to have played the role, despite her being just a couple of years older than Streep in real life. The 72-year-old music sensation - who plays the role of Amanda Seyfried's grandmother in the sequel - shared that the age differed hardly bothered her. 

“That doesn’t make any difference,” said Cher on People magazine's exclusive Facebook live talk with the cast, which was moderated by People deputy editor Dan Wakeford. Speaking further about what it was like to play the mother of the 69-year-old Streep, she added: “I was thrilled to death, and it was so silly. It was great fun, and I love her [Meryl], so it was perfect.”

Cher continued, “It was great, and she was hiding watching me sing, and I was so excited. I didn’t find out until afterwards—I would have been more nervous.” 

Their shooting dates were mostly on different days, but Cher and Streep still managed to spend some time with each other on the sets of the Mamma Mia sequel, especially whenever Streep visited occasionally, and of course - when the duo filmed the song "Super Truper." Before this, the two have appeared on the 1993 movie 'Silkwood.'

Cher's connection with the ABBA-inspired musical runs deeper, as she revealed, “I was in an ABBA video that I actually forgot I was in.” Initially she did seem slightly miffed about being in the movie. Earlier, in late June, on a visit to 'The Graham Norton Show', she had spoken about how she didn't even audition for the part.

When show host, Norton, asked her if she had been talked into joining the musical sequel, her reply was: "Yes. But, my agent called me and said, 'You're in the new Mamma Mia film', and then hung up. I didn't have much choice!" And when Norton pointed out the very blatant age difference between her and Streep, she said: "I am older than her – by four years. When they asked I said, 'That's absolutely fine, that's cool.'"

But of course, she reminisced about musicals and what it was like to see her own life turned into a Broadway musical. “I have seen a piece of it and will see it all in Chicago," she shared on the show. “It was a bit nerve-wracking to see so many personal things portrayed that you thought was a good idea to talk about once but, to see it on stage, you just want to stick needles in your eyes.” As for her professional life, she had said she  “doesn’t know when she will stop” touring and working