When the reboot for 'Charmed' was announced, not many expected the show to be around for long. However, the drama managed to score a second season from The CW, which will premiere October 11. With new showrunners Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro at the helm, viewers can expect a show with a different look and feel. And from what's been teased during the New York Comic-Con (NYCC) 2019 panel and screening, it looks like the show is going to take a major turn within the first few minutes.

So what can we look forward to when the Charmed Ones and their Whitelighters hit our screens again over the next year? We got a lot over the last season, right from the sisters gaining all their powers, to them meeting their Whitelighter, to saving Hilltown from the demons that came to plague them, to finally saving the world from the Source of All Evil and ending up in charge of the magical community as the Elders had all been killed over the season. We also found out that Macy had a demon side brought about when her mom resurrected her.

During Entertainment Weekly's (EW) interview with the showrunners and the main cast during NYCC 2019, Kruger spoke how 'Charmed' takes inspiration from the 'Harry Potter' franchise. The first season served as an introduction to this world and the Charmed Ones and the show will be darker in Season 2, much like how the 'Harry Potter' movies got darker in subject matter and tone with each movie. 

The writers will delve deeper into the mythology of demons, magic, and Whitelighters. The reboot changed up things when they revealed that the source of magic for both demons and witches are the same and whether it is good or evil depends on who possesses it. We will learn more about Harry as a Whitelighter - his beginnings as one. Macy's demon side will be around as well, with Madeleine Mantock, who plays the character, saying we will see "different versions of her" to EW. With the position of the Elders thrust on them, not all of the sisters will be happy with the responsibilities expected of them. While Mel would presumably thrive in the role of a leader, Macy and Maggie, who are very much invested in their human lives, might not be able to handle all that is expected of them. We can also hope to see Harry and Macy's relationship to be explored in an unexpected way.

'Charmed' Season 2 will premiere on The CW this Friday, October 11th.

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