'Charmed' reboot actress Sarah Jeffery defends new series

'Charmed' reboot actress Sarah Jeffery defends new series
Sarah Jeffery (Source: Getty Images)

'Charmed' reboot has been able to create a huge uproar within a very short time. What should be a time of celebration is turning out to be a feud between old and new members. 

Jennie Snyder Urman who created 'Jane the Virgin' is also executive producer for the 'Charmed' reboot series. The series stars Sarah Jeffery, Madeleine Mantock, and Melonie Diaz as three sisters in a college town who discover that they are witches after the tragic death of their mother.

While fans and followers have debated how the original version was every bit brimming with feminism, as it needed to be, and there was no need for a rebooted version to improvise on the plot, stars of the new series are rising to the defense of the reboot. 

It all started with original 'Charmed' star Holly Marie Combs dissing the new concept ever since the talks of it releasing had made news.

Recently the actress threw more shade at the newer version of the series, tweeting, “I will never understand what is fierce, funny, or feminist in creating a show that basically says the original actresses are too old to do a job they did 12 years ago."


But Sarah Jeffery, who is one of the new stars on the reboot, was quick to defend the show on the social media platform. 

Taking to Twitter, Jeffery said, “I fully understand how dear the OG Charmed is to many, we are so beyond grateful to have the opportunity to bring this reboot to life and bring current, timely themes to the forefront of a show that stars not one, not two, but THREE WOC!!!"

She continued, “We regard the foundation that was laid with great respect. But, when my character is challenged, when there is futile yet harmful noise about how we are either incapable or doomed, I will vociferously defend myself and my sisters."

At the same time, she also stressed that original Charmed story “will always stay very much intact,” and went on to invite fans to “discover more stories within the universe.” And for those with opinions differing from hers, she requested “please, let’s show up for one another in favorable ways and be kind with our opinions.”


The very end of her post signed off on a strong note. “I know our show will have a positive effect on so many women, youth, and anyone who is receptive to being on the right side of history," she concluded.

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 Charmed reboot cast actress Sarah Jeffery defends new series