Is Charlie Sheen paying child support? Actor 'blindsides' ex Denise Richards in court

Is Charlie Sheen paying child support? Actor 'blindsides' ex Denise Richards in court
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen have two daughters together (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Denise Richards has been left 'blindsided and disappointed' by a court ruling that ex Charlie Sheen can stop paying her child support. Richards, 50, was not present at the hearing. An LA judge reportedly adjusted Sheen's child support payments to 'zero dollars a month' because their daughter, 17-year-old Sami, is now living with her father, 56.

Sources claimed that 'The Drop Dead Gorgeous' actress has accused Sheen of 'manipulating the situation'. Richards and Sheen also share daughter Lola, 16. The actress has insisted that he must still pay because she lives with Lola. An insider told People: "Charlie filed two years ago and kept pushing the court date, so Denise was very surprised that it happened yesterday while she is out of town filming. She was blindsided. Now he's manipulating the situation."


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Sami Sheen: Charlie Sheen's daughter claims she was 'trapped' in 'abusive' home

"Lola does not live with Charlie. She lives with both of her parents and stays with Charlie when Denise is out of town. When Denise is back, Lola will be with her," the source clarified. "This is very disappointing for Denise, but also not surprising. Charlie is pitting the girls against their mother, which is horrible." An insider close to the situation also claimed that Richards "has known about the court date for six months."

This ruling comes days after Sami took to TikTok to inform that she was “trapped” in an “abusive” home while living with the reality star. Speaking with Us Weekly, Sheen said, "I think what transpired today is extremely fair. It speaks to not just today, but it speaks historically to that same fairness.”

In Sami's video, which has now been deleted, she claimed that a year back she “hated [herself], would go days without eating or sleeping, insanely depressed, hated school, etc.”, which gave the impression that her mother's home was part of the peoblem. She said that now she is “out of the hell house” and “full of self love” after she dropped out of high school. 

The petition to change the child support arrangement was originally filed by Sheen in December 2019. Richards had not filed any paperwork in opposition. According to Richards' sources, she was left in the dark regarding the hearing. 

"Denise kept asking when the date was and he blew her off," they said. "He pushed it off because he didn’t want records of the child support he was paying Brooke (Mueller) to impact the case after he agreed to pay them both the same amount of child support," the source claimed.

Sheen and Richards' relationship

Richards became engaged to Charlie Sheen on December 26, 2001, and the two were married on June 15, 2002. They have two daughters together - Sam J Sheen and Lola Rose Sheen. Richards, while pregnant with her second daughter, filed for divorce from Sheen in March 2005, and even sought a restraining order against him, alleging death threats. The divorce was finalized on November 30, 2006.

Sheen surrendered legal custody of Sam and Lola to Richards in 2010. Previously, they had joint legal custody of their daughters. By mid-2012, however, Richards and Sheen were reportedly on good terms. While Sheen made a cameo appearance in her movie 'Madea's Witness Protection', Richards was seen in Sheen's television series 'Anger Management'.

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