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Charli XCX announces new DIY album during coronavirus quarantine, fans flood her with collab suggestions

Charli XCX has announced a new DIY album using only the tools at her disposal while in quarantine and teased at possible collaborations
Charli XCX (Getty Images )
Charli XCX (Getty Images )

It looks like the coronavirus pandemic has brought out a whole new creative side of artists as they stay cooped up in their homes during the lockdown. English singer-songwriter Charli XCX announced on April 6 that she will be working on some new music during the quarantine. The new album, which Charli said is going to be done entirely in DIY style, is scheduled to be released on May 15 and so far has been monikered as 'How I'm Feeling Now'.

In her announcement video which she posted on Twitter, Charli opened on a light note, saying, "Hi, guys, it's Charli here. I hope you doing whatever it is you need to do to stay positive during this time of completely unknown, unchartered territory". She adds, "For me, staying positive goes hand in hand with being creative, and so, that's why I've decided I'm gonna use this isolation time to make a brand-new album from scratch". She went on to explain why the DIY choice. "I’m only going to be able to use the tools I have at my fingertips to create all music, all artwork, all videos... everything - in that sense, it’ll be very DIY", she says.

She also teased possible collaborations, saying, "I'll also be reaching out to people online to collaborate with, and I'm gonna keep the entire process super open so that anybody who wants to watch, can". She shared that she will be posting 'demos, acapellas and text conversations with me and any collaborators". She continued, "I'll be filming myself in studio. I'll be doing Zoom conferences to ask fans or anyone watching for opinions or ideas. I'm going to set up an email address so that fans or anyone can send me beats or references. The whole thing in that sense will be extremely collaborative because anybody who wants to be involved can kind of explore their creativity alongside mine."

Fans were more than eager to participate and are excited to hear the news. They suggested a stream of coolaborators including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, SOPHIE, Pabllo Vittar, Shygirl, Loona and more. Many fans called her "queen" and "legend". A fan even declared her as "queen of quarantine (sic)".  

One fan shared their excitement for the new album, saying, "This was the power we needed to defeat Boris Johnson" while another fan reacted with "!!!!!! so excited (sic). Another fan says, in all caps, "I love you and I can't wait".

The upcoming album follows 'Charli' the third studio album by Charli XCX. It is a very rare occasion you hear of artists working out of their label's studio and using whatever tools they have at their disposal, so the new music could either fail miserably or, if it sounds good, could blow people's minds that Charli XCX's talents stretch much further than we could've guessed and really boost her career. Let's hope it's the latter.