Charisse Stinson pleads guilty to 2-year-old son's murder after leaving him to die in the woods: 'Now I'm free'

In 2018, Stinson had initially reported that a man had kidnapped her son, but soon confessed to killing him with a strike that hit his head against the wall

                            Charisse Stinson pleads guilty to 2-year-old son's murder after leaving him to die in the woods: 'Now I'm free'
Charisse Stinson (Police handout)

LARGO FLORIDA: Charisse Stinson, who had initially blamed her son's death on a stranger, but later confessed to killing him, has finally pled guilty two years after the incident, sharing that now she is finally "free, mentally".

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty on Tuesday, October 13, to the second-degree murder of her two-year-old son Jordan Belliveau, local outlet Fox13 reported. Stinson was initially facing a first-degree murder charge for the child's death and has since also pleaded guilty for a false report. In exchange for the plea deal, Stinson has been sentenced to 50 years in prison. Speaking to Tampa Bay Times before the courtroom, Stinson said, "For a while, I was so angry and bitter before I came to jail. And now I’m free, mentally. I may not be free physically. But I want my mom to know that I am free mentally. I am not in bondage anymore, and that is the gift that God has given me."

Fox13 reports both Stinson and her son grew up in an out of the child welfare system. Her son was in fact with foster parents just three months before his death. Even though Stinson apologized to the child's father, Jordan Belliveau Sr, he didn't think the punishment was enough. Belliveau, who was not present at the court, told Tampa Bay Times, "I’m not nobody’s creator. I can’t say when somebody dies. But that’s what I would’ve liked."

As previously reported by MEAWW, Stinson had that reported that Jordan was missing in 2018. At the time, she had claimed a man with gold teeth and dreadlocks stole the child, police department press statements reveal. This man, whom she identified as 'Antwan', had allegedly given the mother and child a ride back home, before knocking her out unconscious and kidnapping her son. She told authorities she had woken up in a park without her son. An amber alert was issued for the boy on September 2, 2018, but it was revealed by investigators in the press conference on September 4 that the man she had described to the detectives and the sketch artist does not exist.

The affidavit stated that Stinson had confessed to killing her son. Frustrated with the child on the night of September 1, Stinson confessed to hitting him in the face with the back of her hand. The force that the child experienced from the blow had knocked him down, subsequently causing him to hit his head against a wall inside their home. The affidavit also alleged that Jordan had experienced multiple seizures throughout the rest of the evening.

The document states: "As the victim’s health declined during the following day, the defendant carried him to a wooded area during the night where the victim’s body was left. The victim’s recovered body had visible injuries consistent with the defendant’s admission." Adding that the child's body had been discovered behind the Largo Sports Complex, the affidavit didn't state whether he had been alive when his mother left him in the woods. The boy succumbed to blunt force trauma.

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