Lifetime’s ‘Christmas Love Letter’ actor Chante Bowser shares experience of being an attorney-turned-actor and her new role

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Chante Bowser takes us through her role in the upcoming Christmas movie and her fascinating ride through law, and working on television and movies.

                            Lifetime’s ‘Christmas Love Letter’ actor Chante Bowser shares experience of being an attorney-turned-actor and her new role

An award-winning bi-coastal actor, writer, and attorney, Chante Bowser wears many hats. She has been the face of some of the popular network television series like CBS ‘Under The Dome’, Fox’s ‘Lethal Weapon’ and Lee Daniels’ ‘Star’, TV One’s ‘Born Again Virgin’, and Lifetime’s 'Faith Under Fire'. But she shot to fame with her recent work in theater productions like ‘Mirror Mirror’ and ‘Best of Enemies’.

As the versatile actor is all set to star in Lifetime’s upcoming holiday movie, ‘Christmas Love Letter’, MEA WorldWide got into a candid conversation to find out more about her role in the movie, how she has evolved as an actor and more to the Virginia-based attorney who got swept into the world of entertainment.

Tell us about your time as an attorney. It must have been incredible and equally challenging. What inspired you to be an actor? 
I am still an attorney, licensed in California. And it definitely is incredible! Acting was something I always wanted to do – used to look at television shows and said to myself that I can do that – but it wasn’t something I thought I could ever do. I used to dance at school and did a few plays when I was little & loved those moments but doing it for real was way different than imagining it. But then my friends pushed me and here I am! After law school, I booked my first role, and as they say, the rest is history or herstory to be precise.

Now, we have seen you in quite a few legal-crime thrillers and dramas earlier. This will be your second movie with Lifetime. How does it feel to work in a romantic drama? 
I loved it! The lightness of it and the fun we had was so different. That doesn’t mean that serious roles are not interesting. The thing is, when you are in character, especially one that requires emotional work, for me, I have to keep those emotions in a box and, while I maintain some levity on set. The box that is holding the emotion is locked away until I need to execute on set, so there is some emotional distance.

How would you say your role of Demi is different from every woman you have portrayed earlier?
All of my characters so far have been strong women with strong opinions on the world. Demi was no different from that perspective. But portraying her also gave me a chance to show my comedic side that I didn’t have the chance of showing. Thanks to Lesly Kahn & The Groundlings, I have enjoyed playing Demi in every bit.

We are living in times when empowerment of women, especially women of color, is very significant. Would you say that your roles, especially that of Demi, in the upcoming movie, is aligned to that idea? 
It absolutely is! Demi is grounded, warm, intelligent, and attractive with a great sense of humor and comedic timing. She is not a pushover but she is self-assured. Just the way women are shaping up to be today. Even if you look at my other roles, like Star (Jude Demorset) or Ellis (Sam Rockwell), my characters have always had strong opinions, views of the world.
Would you like to share a little bit more about Demi and working on ‘Christmas Love Letter’, without revealing any spoilers, of course? 
Demi is Amalie’s (Ashleigh Newbrough) best friend from high school along with Ian (Tilky Jones). They were the awesome threesome. Everyone left Helen, GA, except for Demi who became editor of the Helen Times. Demi is a boss mom – she has two kids, a wonderful husband, and a demanding job.  She’s always had her own opinion about Amalie’s choices in men but has stayed out of it – until now. That’s all I can say, for the rest, you have to watch the movie!

This is your second Lifetime movie. Will we get to see you on more TV movies like these?
I personally love Lifetime. And I would love to do more such movies on the network. And it is indeed incredible to be a part of the network’s holiday movie lineup.

What do you find the most challenging platform to work on? Television or movies? And why?
It would be really difficult to pick one. Both have their own excitement and challenges. I love the less “rush” of movies but, I also love TV because of that opposite time crunch. Less time to get it wrong. After I’m a series regular, follow-up with me on that question.

In 'Christmas Love Letter', Chante Bowser plays the role of the editor of the Helen Herald – she’s witty and intense, but understands Amalie(advice columnist and Demi's friend) and wants to help her find lasting love and happiness. 
"Christmas Love Letter" airs on Lifetime on December 21, at 6 pm.