Who is Chandler Halderson? Son of missing Wisconsin couple arrested as cops find human remains

Chandler Halderson was arrested after the 'suspicious' disappearance of his parents Bart and Krista Halderson as cops found human remains

                            Who is Chandler Halderson? Son of missing Wisconsin couple arrested as cops find human remains
Chandler Halderson and his parents Bart and Krista Halderson (Dane County Sheriff's Office)

MADISON, WISCONSIN: The human remains of a missing Wisconsin couple have allegedly been found on Thursday, July 8. The couple's son has now been arrested in connection with what police described as a “suspicious” disappearance.

On Friday, July 9, during a press conference, Dane County Sheriff’s Office stated that they have discovered the remains but said the medical examiner’s office had yet to confirm whether they belonged to Bart and Krista Halderson. a couple from Windsor who was reported missing on Wednesday morning. An autopsy is listed for the coming weekend. Dane County Sheriff Kalvin Barrett said the remains were found in a rural region on Thursday, July 8, the same day the couple’s 23-year-old son was charged for allegedly providing false information about a missing person. The missing couple's son, Chandler Halderson was the first person to report his missing parents.


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On Wednesday, July 7, Halderson said that his 50-year-old father and 53-year-old mother had not been seen since July 1, nearly a week, after they planned to spend the Fourth of July weekend at a cabin in Langlade County with an unknown couple. “They were picked up by their friends, who I never got the name of. I assumed it was someone I was aware of, like close neighbors of theirs up the street, or their best friends down on the east side,” Halderson told police, according to charging documents cited by Channel3000. “That’s what I assumed. I didn’t look any more into it. They got picked up and left with another couple.”

The department has not found any sign of the couple at the cabin. Halderson, however, told local media he believed that “they’re maybe at a casino, their phones off, no reception. Maybe they’re on a boat, having some fun with their friends.” By late Thursday, July 8, he had been charged with providing false information about a missing person and booked into the Dane County jail.

“We definitely have some suspicions as to what actually happened,” a spokesperson for the Dane County Sheriff’s Office said. Police have been tight-lipped about what aspects of the 23-year-old’s story they believed to be false. Barrett said only that “the arrest was based on him providing false information in regards to a missing person.” The couple’s extended family issued a statement thanking authorities for their work on the case.