'Chambers': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about Netflix's new thriller starring Uma Thurman

'Chambers': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about Netflix's new thriller starring Uma Thurman

There's a new Netflix thriller in town and while the wait for it might be a little longer than just 15 days, if the first trailer is any proof, the wait will be every bit worth the while. With a star cast as promising as the likes of Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn, the thriller series called 'Chambers,' is set to feature newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose in a riveting tale of dark, twisted secrets unfolding after what seemed like a harmless heart-transplant surgery.

The twists of this coming-of-age thriller make it a binge-worthy hit, but there are other bonus perks as well. Featuring a Native American and Hispanic cast, "the film explores the psychological monsters that we - ourselves, our families, communities, and countries - can become. Beneath the surface of a coming-of-age story centered around a young teen heart attack survivor are chilling discoveries that expose incredible darkness in an otherwise close-knit community."



As per the official synopsis of the show, Sasha (Rose) suffers a near-fatal heart attack, but when she wakes up from it, she finds herself with a brand new heart. But while the new heart obviously came from a logical transplant, the haunted incidents that transpire following it are absolutely eerie and supernatural - in that, there's no explanation at all. Soon Sasha figures out that the previous owner of the heart had quite the haunted and troubled past as the new heart pretty much begins consuming her with its sinister desires and insidious nature.

Simply put, Sasha begins embodying more and more characteristics of the deceased whose heart is now beating in her body. Thus ensues a tale of blood and horror, especially lust as for some reason, Sasha can't stop lusting after a new guy at school, Ravi (Jonny Rios) - all because she thinks she has met him in her dreams.


Nominated for two Primetime Emmys,  show creator Alfonso Gomez-Rejon began his career as personal assistant to Martin Scorsese, Nora Ephron, Robert De Niro, and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. He is known for his works in 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,' 'American Horror Story', 'State of Play', and 'The Eagle.' Serving as showrunner for 'Chambers' however, will be Akela Cooper, while Leah Rachel gets onboard with her writing credits. Rachel is known for her work in several short films, like 'Curious Females' (2015), Boys I Used to Babysit (2008) and Key Lime Lie. 


Uma Thurman 

Uma Thurman attends the Versace fall 2019 fashion show at the American Stock Exchange Building in lower Manhattan on December 02, 2018 in New York City. Source: Getty Images

It's hard to not know of the vicious killing machine from Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' franchise, but what's also remarkable is how Thurman's expertise in romantic comedies and science fiction is also colossal. The 70-year-old actress was also the star of the 1994 classic, 'Pulp Fiction,' and has most recently starred in the film, 'Down a Dark Hall,' which came out in 2018. With four Golden Globe nominations (out of which she won one), two BAFTA nominations, one Emmy nomination, and one Oscar nomination, Thurman has been one of the most versatile and recognized actresses of her career. Which only makes us more thrilled about her role in 'Chambers,' as the possibly insidious mother of the dead girl whose heart is now beating in Sasha's body.

Tony Goldwyn:

Tony Goldwyn attends the 2018 DGA Honors at DGA Theater on October 18, 2018 in New York City.

The American actor, singer, producer, director and political activist is most popularly known for his role of Carl Bruner in 'Ghost.' He is also known for roles, such as  Colonel Bagley in 'The Last Samurai', and the voice of the title character of the Disney animated film 'Tarzan'. He starred in the ABC legal/political drama 'Scandal', as Fitzgerald Grant III, President of the United States.

Sivan Alyra Rose: 

Tony Goldwyn, Sivan Alyra Rose and Uma Thurman attend Netflix's "Chambers" Season 1 New York Premiere at Metrograph on April 15, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The Apache/Puerto Rican actress, runway model, and an exhibited artist has already appeared as the lead of an American Film Institute project "Running Shadow" directed by Carlos Betancourt. Rose played the role of "a young Lakota woman battling grief over her sister's suicide and pursuing competitive running," describes the official synopsis. In 'Chambers', she is set to play the lead, Sasha, whose life twists and turns inexplicably after she goes through a heart transplant surgery.

Marcus LaVoi 

Marcus LaVoi attends Netflix's "Chambers" Season 1 New York Premiere at Metrograph on April 15, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Marcus LaVoi plays Sasha's uncle and guardian in chambers. LaVoi has had recurring roles on The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and Power Rangers Time Force. LaVoi's 14 years with the San Diego Sheriff's Department and his experience as a maximum-security prison officer for the California Department of Corrections saw him score a role as a bodyguard in Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh's Behind the Candelabra.


Leah Rachel

Showrunner Leah Rachel attends Netflix's "Chambers" Season 1 New York Premiere at Metrograph on April 15, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Leah Rachel is the writer of the show. She is known for her work in Muffin Top: A Love Story (2014), Boys I Used to Babysit (2015) and CSI: NY. She has also won an accolade for her short Key Lime Lie (2008). She also has some projects in development at HBO and Sony. 


Released on April 11, the first trailer for 'Chambers' is every bit as creepy as one would expect a film on a haunted heart (literally!) to be. Viewers are taken through Sasha's journey, pre-transplant, and post, and the twist in the tale is so obvious the moment the dead girl's parents step in. On one hand, there's Rose's spot on cluelessness turning into paranoia, while on the other hand, we have Thurman's portrayal of the conspicuous mother of the dead girl. Shots of feathers sprouting through the rib cage and the occasional bloody horror make the trailer a total treat for fans of the genre. And while we don't know if the mother is to be trusted, something's equally fishy about the girl's father. 

Release date:

'Chambers' comes to Netflix this month on Friday, April 26!

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