What happened to Chadwick Boseman? Confused fans fear the worst as Chadwick Moore trends over Juneteenth row

It all began when 'Chadwick' started trending on Twitter after Moore dismissed Juneteenth saying the black community hijacked Pride Month

                            What happened to Chadwick Boseman? Confused fans fear the worst as Chadwick Moore trends over Juneteenth row
Chadwick Boseman (Getty Images)

On Saturday, fans of 'Black Panther' and 'Da 5 Bloods' actor Chadwick Boseman were in for a shock as they saw the name "Chadwick" trending on Twitter. The reason the name was trending was because of right-wing journalist Chadwick Moore who had tweeted against the commemoration of Juneteenth. "I’m sorry, blacks, but you already have a month. Juneteenth isn’t a thing. Don’t colonize our month as well. Thanks. Signed, the gays," is what Moore's tweet read and it didn't go down with Twitterverse who did everything to shut the "mayo terrorist" up. 

"There would be no Gay pride without Black people, ever heard of Marsha P Johnson ya mayo terrorist," read one tweet. "Wait, colonize? Already have a month? Do you mean the shortest and coldest month? Just say 'Juneteenth' is the American History you don't want to know about," read another tweet. A certain section of people on Twitter were completely unaware of Chadwick Moore and when they saw 'Chadwick' trending, they immediately thought about the actor Chadwick Boseman. The times that we live in currently had Boseman's fans thinking about a lot of untoward things when the actor's name started trending. They either thought he was dead or was getting canceled on Twitter for something that he might have done.

"Saw Chadwick trending and I thought Chadwick Boseman was dead or attended the Tulsa Rally," read one tweet. While another read, "I saw Chadwick and for a second I thought they were talking about Chadwick Boseman. Like him being a coon y'all had me scared."

The trend continued for a good number of hours with Moore continuing to tweet about how Pride month was hijacked by the black community and Twitter hit back equally with some even beginning to poke fun at his name. "I don’t understand why everyone is trying to make fun of my name. I kind of like it. It’s a working class southern name. Most Chadwicks I know are black, like a certain famous actor. Chadwick is not an aristocratic, Connecticut WASP name. These people are very stupid," wrote Moore in response to the same. This did not go down well with Boseman's fans who declared that the only Chadwick they would recognize going forward was the latter. 

"The only Chadwick I better see trending is @chadwickboseman and it better be for something good. We ONLY discuss and celebrate this Chadwick. NOBODY F******* ELSE," wrote a fan. While another wrote, "Thank you for conceding and recognizing that Juneteenth is a thing, as it celebrates the day ALL enslaved people were free in the USA. Lastly, from here on out, the Black delegation shall recognize and address the only Chadwick that matters — Chadwick Boseman. Duces."

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