'Bachelorette' alum Chad Johnson might be gay and even stole charity money, claims girlfriend

Chad's girlfriend Annalise Mishler appeared on The Domenick Nati Show and opened up about his financial issues and the fact that he might possibly be gay

                            'Bachelorette' alum Chad Johnson might be gay and even stole charity money, claims girlfriend
Chad Johnson (ABC/Rick Rowell)

'Bachelorette' alum Chad Johnson's on and off girlfriend Annalise Mishler is spilling some real hot tea as she claims he stole from charity and reveals his 'homosexual' interests.

Everyone remembers Chad for his villain like behavior during Jojo Fletcher's season of 'The Bachelorette'. It was then that he became known as 'Bad Chad'. After he got eliminated from the series, Chad arrived on 'Bachelor in Paradise' where he was kicked off during the first episode because of his violent behavior. 

That's not all since then, Chad has also been making headlines but for all the wrong reasons. Earlier we got to know that Chad was arrested under domestic violence for abusing his girlfriend after she uploaded a video of him trying to break into her apartment. Chad was released on bail but was charged with six demeanors. 

Because of his arrest, he lost opportunities to all Bachelor related events and recently revealed that he is entering the world of porn to earn money. And now,  his girlfriend Annalise appeared on 'The Domenick Nati Show' and opened up about his financial issues and the fact that he might possibly be gay.  

Opening about the fact if Chad made her do any sexual acts that she wasn't up for, Annalise shared, "If I was ever sick, If there was a period of time where I was sick a lot or had surgery or whatever, I would be feeling terrible, and he would still like make me do things for him." Revealing what he would ask her to do, she said, "He would just grab my hand and put it on him, and then I would be like 'I'm in so much pain, I'm not supposed to be moving. But every single time, I would end up doing something for him. That actually happens a lot." 

She did not stop at that and hinted he may have some weird kinks and demands during sex and when Domenick asked whether Chad had any homosexual interests, she claimed, "He gets weird whenever I've brought it up before. We'd casually be talking about it and recently we started doing certain things he liked, like penis pumps and all that. Recently he also told me he's never had someone put their finger up his butt, and he was always super weird about that until I finally did it, and there's something about it. I don't know, he's definitely been closed off and weird when it comes to talking about it." 

That's not all, Annalise also claimed that he kept all the money that was supposed to go to charity from the 'Battle of the Bachelors' boxing match. "I know what he was doing with his event was necessarily ethical. It was a boxing event and they were getting sponsors but, they were using the sponsor money that was supposed to go towards his event, to pay him and his business partner, and pay rent. That event was marketed like the money was going to charity but it didn't. His only goal in life is to make money and to have a good public image, so he will literally do whatever it takes to make that happen," Annalise shared. 

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