Australian woman recreates Insta moments of celebrities with hilarious results

Celeste Barber parodies picture perfect poses of celebrities and was named the funniest woman on Instagram

                            Australian woman recreates Insta moments of celebrities with hilarious results
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Instagram has been a notorious platform when it comes to setting beauty standards that are unrealistic and not achievable. Posts of Instagram influencers and celebrities alike are examples of how every picture is worth thousands of dollars with a perfect pout, perfect body, perfect hair and perfect setting. When other ordinary users try to copy the post, it either ends up being a flop or extremely hilarious.

One user who goes by the name of @celestebarber, takes these perfect poses and recreates them at a whole new epic level. This Australian woman was voted to be the 'Funniest Woman on Instagram' by WhoHaha - a platform that champions women's comedy. A look at her page will make you roar with laughter as the popular Insta posts you've seen and envied are recreated with a massive touch of reality. It is the page which takes Expectation vs Reality memes seriously. 

Barber takes pride on being a non-airbrushed, not perfect person, and the internet loves it. With her posts, she has targeted the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Em Rata.

Not confined to models and musicians, Barber is prompt to recreate the famous Kardashian/Jenner's picture content as well. The 35-year-old Barber got into the Instagram comedy game as a result of a game she and her sister were playing that got out of hand and resulted in her verified account. Barber, who is also a mother, had a funny perspective on the Instagram culture of perfection and her parodies serve as a satire of today's capitalist societies and their standards of beauty.

In one post she recreates Bella Hadid's epic shoot, where the model is seen gliding through the chair. When Barber recreates the image, her head gets stuck and she captions that now she understands why models are paid more than some small countries. 

In another, she recreates Emily Ratajkowski's black and white picture of walking her dog while barely clad. Barbara attempted the same and you can see a man who is looking at Barbara pretty baffled. Who wouldn't? Give that you don't see people walking their dogs in underwears. If you do, it is either Em Rata or Barbara.